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Catholic and Pro-Life News

Vatican City State cameras
Daily Lists of Saints at jg51
VISnews weblog
Pope Francis
Tweets from Pope Francis (@Pontifex)
Apostleship of Prayer
All in advance at
Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgy of the Hours
The Beam - St. Luke Parish Bulletin
Each link leads to a PDF containing multiple bulletins. The first PDF has 19 pages, the last 78. Look for interesting (catechetical, etc.) comments from pastors.
Monastery LoH
PDF Gregorian Chant accompaniments

Web Logs (Secular)

American Slovak Club
Address of TDIH (bookmark now deleted) is
Straight Dope
Mouth & Foot Painting Artists
Continue on page 13, row 7
Magic Tricks
Cam Brown
Calendar is at
Rachel Nurman Memoirs -- Warsaw 1939-45
Tribute to a Holocaust Survivor


MLB transactions
Akron Beacon Journal Sports
Plain Dealer
To go back more than a few days, turn on script.
17 NCAA Bracket
Interactive bracket with extra info (times, networks, etc.):
17 NIT Bracket
17 CBI Bracket
17 CIT Results
CondensedGame column - Tribe
Today in Minor League History
Scores -- IL 117 - EL 113 - CL 122 - MW 118 - NYP 127 - AZ 121
Major League Baseball Scoreboard
MLB standings
1st7ofhm/as4hm. Not full addr.

Comics and other Humor

ArCo - Bizarro -
ArCo - Pros & Cons
Movement (foward/back/first/last) is linked below the strip. alternate:
HB. Crankshaft
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HD. Mother Goose & Grimm
HE. One Big Happy (current)
HF. Piranha Club
00. ARCHCOM.html in My Documents
01. COMICS.html in My Documents
02. Trivia Bits
03. Kids
04. Jmj -- To God be the glory in 2000 and always!
05. Animal Gifs
06. WeirdCNSNews
08. There, I Fixed It
There were 1067 pages, as of 4/25/16.
15. Trivia HoF Daily
18. Acrostics at PuzzleBaron
19. VintageAd Browser
Continue with Alcohol (first page). When returning to Airlines and Aircraft Ads of the 1940s, start here:
20. GoComics
formerly j......1 / j.....k
97. Weird Google Sightseeing
88. Dave Barry's Blog 24
93. Houston Chron stack
96. ZRSD
98. Unreal Estate
229 pages -- accessible, but defunct for some years now
99. Food Challenges

Music Reference Sites

#1 on any date in history
900 songs & lyrics 1930-1950
1200-song fake bk -- Guitar chords, but no melodies
A-Z Lyrics
All The Lyrics -- Elvis et al. INCREDIBLE
AllMusic samples
Artists, Songs, Years, Chart Ranks
Music Chart Song Artists
Beatles Bible - complete song list, etc.
Beatles songs - w. chart pos, other details
Best of R&B 1940s-etc - scroll down
Big Band Library
Billboard - scr dn to Top 100 by year
Billboard Charts 1946-present
CoverEncyclopedia at WhoSampled
Listen to music at the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes - dig deeper into music by discovering direct links between songs and artists.
Buy rare and hard to find music on vinyl records and used CDs from thousands of online record stores. Manage your music collection with a detailed discography on rock, electronic, hip hop, classical and other popular and obscure music genres.
Doo-Wop discographies, etc.
EmptyBoxK Downloads
Frank Sinatra Family Jukebox
A Jukebox for Sinatra Fans by the Frank Sinatra family. Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Jr.
Jazz Standards, Jazz History, Musicology, Biographies and Books The premier site for the history and analysis of the standards jazz musicians play the most.
KaraokeAcrossAmerica - shows by state and day
Karaoke Version provides karaoke songs, instrumental songs, practice tracks and backing track downloads. We have over 36,000 professional quality accompaniment tracks, and we add new instrumental music versions and features every day.
Karaoke - TheDirectoryofKaraokeSongs
home page:
KCIX Music Database - Search
KCIX yearly debuts
Replace the YYYY at end -- youtube competitor
Lyrics Explained, etc.
Besides explanation of lyrics, release years, chart positions, etc..
MusicVF: US/GB hits/artists since 1900
Database of US and UK music hits • 100 000 Songs • 24 000 Albums • 23 000 Artists • 13 000 Songwriters • Music VF, US & UK hits charts
Musical movies -- their actors, songs, and composers
No. 1 rhythm and blues hits, 1942-etc.
OldieLyrics - MANY artists - Records & Videography
OldSongs & WhoRecordedThem
Pop Songs 1900-1972 - Kirk Coll (ISU)
RAPID - 30-sec clips
Rex at Curiosity
webmaster at our website is a community based, family oriented website serving the citizens of the great state of Ohio and the city of Cl...
Rolling Stone -- 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
Second Hand Songs - originals and covers
Show & TV Lyrics
Sinatra Database - Where Or When
Sing365 - lyrics by artist or title
SingSnap karaoke titles - kjfg j.....k
Songwriters HoF
TSORT.INFO - titles, artists, years
TV Theme facts
Vermilion Amer. Legion
Vermilion American Legion Post 397
WDW song list - amazing
YouTube - karaoke launch point

Radio & TV broadcasts

TV broadcasts

Mass (M-Sa 9:30, Su 10:00)
HistChan Show Episodes
Replace "american-pickers" with "pawn-stars," "lost-in-transmission," etc..
NBC, NBCSN Live, Replay
2014 NBCSN Winter Olympics
EWTN live -- streaming audio and video
EWTN YouTube
Vatican TV streaming

CathRadio, MP3s

EWTN Radio Affiliates Map
Ave Maria Radio
Catholic Answers -- Calendar & Archive (Listen _ Download)
April, 2008, to present
Catholic classics read onto M3Us
Cyber Hymnal
Father Augustine's Daily Homily
Fulton Sheen Audio Library -- Note WMP
Gregorian chant recording
Librivox - free audiobooks
SonitusSanctus -- Cath. debates, lectures
Vatican - Liturgcl Music
Vatican Radio

Music Jukeboxes

Blues Heritage at Cashbox
PlayaCofi -- aka TropicalGlen
Classical music library (over 750 works)
Search by title, composer, performer, date added, etc.


2p-4 -Czech polkas - WRJQ


Sounds of Sinatra - Sid Mark



9a-1p-WPHT Philly1210
9a-11-WXHC-CortlandCty, NY
8p-10-KHAR Alaska
Sounds of Sinatra - sid mark

Slovak 11AM WERE-1490
Must allow imasdk script, as well as several scripts that start with "s" (s0, s1, s7, etc.).
Polka Heaven
Magyar/Slovak 7-9pm - WCPN


70sSu11a-2p & 8p-10-KOOL
80sSu10a-1p - KKLI


Alarm Clock & Radio
Tribe WTAM 1100
iHeartRadio is a free online music streaming service - Tune in live to WTAM 1100 in Cleveland, OH


KABL mwf


MoYL - j...k2x


Scott Joplin 2 et al Ragtime midis
Scott Joplin 3 et al Rags Midi
Scott Joplin 4 et al - click on 8th note for midi
Scott Joplin music -- piano rcdgs - fr Pineapple

Former link: CHRISTMAS PAGE: FAVORITES: ~~ Airmen of Note: Openers (a few cuts) "50th" (some cuts) ... Remembering Glen Miller ... Let's Dance ... Tiempo Latino (a few cuts) ... Keep 'Em Flying (some cuts) ~~ Concert Band (Celebration ... Roman Trilogy = Respighi ... Front & Center / On Dress Parade = marches ... Overtures ... French Impressions ... Russian expressions ... First Flights ... Wild Blue Yonder ... Heritage (some cuts) ... Firedance ... Air Force Blue)] ~~ AF Strings: (almost anything), ~~ Cerem. Brass: (I copied best to hard drive.) ~~ Pipe Band: (only the final track)
WKHR -- Big Bands -- Bainbridge 91.5
Home page for listening:


HD Classical Quasi-Radio
A free classical music radio, that offers audio CD quality and adapts to your musical taste!
For list of all music on a given date (after 6/23/2013), fill in final values here:
WETA - see below
If using this link, must turn on If going to home page ( instead, must temporarily turn on two scripts: partner.googleadservices and googletagservices.
To get to home page of WKSU-89.7 (with four channels, #3 of which is "classical"), go to To get to list of "what's playing" and "what played earlier," go to and enable one or more scripts. radio stations, worldwide
MostlyACappella -- use all links to get to underlying
Playa Cofi Jukebox
SoundClick-free MP3s

Talk Mon-thru-Fri

06 -- Bill Bennett -- 6a-9 ET

WHK -- Cleveland

09a -- Laura Ingraham -- live 9a-N ET

KKAR - Omaha
WEOL 930

12a -- Rush Limbaugh -- live N-3p ET

The Rush Limbaugh Show
WBAP Dallas
WJR -- Detroit
WLS Chicago -- mp3

14a -- Rush replays

WHO 1040 -- Des Moines
WMT 600 - Cedar Rapids

15a -- Monica Crowley TRN

15b -- Rush replay

KHVH 830 AM News Radio | Honolulu, Hawaii
KHVH-AM 830 | News Radio | Honolulu, Hawaii provides local and national news plus, live talk programming

18a -- Mark Levin -- live 6p-9 ET

11p-1a WLS Chicago
11p-1a -- KSFO
8p-11 - WJR - Detroit
10p-12m -- WHK - Cleveland
iheart live
WBAP Dallas

21 - Laura - WBAP -- 9p-12m
24 - John Gibson WHK - 12m-3a, exc. Mon 1a-3

Talk Saturday

13 Monica Crowley -- 1p-4 & later

1p-4 - WABC - NYC

Talk Sunday

13 Monica Crowley



Fan Forum - AnUnSi - usu7
archive back to 1.1.16
Stations List

1 Old Time Radio Network - fr Abbot
librivox catalog of recorded writings
Time Warner Cable - channel lineups

Discussion Forums and E-Mail Groups

AAA -- on my old list -- j....j

01 Locutus [frmr ACTS] -- J F Gecik & Peccator
Cath. Answers - J F Gecik & Peccator
Cath. Community - J F Gecik & Peccator
Cath. Exchange - J F Gecik & Peccator
Cath. Msg. Board [SRay] - J F Gecik & Peccator
Cath. Onl. [forum.c.o] - J F Gecik & PECADOR
Cath. Pages [Aussie] - J F Gecik & Peccator
ComgHome Netwk Intl - J F Gecik & Peccator
Communion ezb - J F Gecik & Peccator
Phatmass Phorum - J F Gecik & PECADOR

Greenspun & other dormant boards

ACTS - OLD CathApol at ezboard
Cath. vs. Prot. -- pseudotrads at ezboard
Catholic Bulletin Board
Catholic Legate Discussion at ezboard
Greenspun Daily Saints & Blesseds
Greenspun home page
OLD Catholic Pillar and Foundation at ezboard
OneRock Online
Sacred Catholicism at ezboard
Year of the Eucharist at ezboard

Passed First Test - Review further

Catholic Pillar and Foundation - Andy is here
Catholic Reformation at ezboard
CatholicSource forum
Semper Fi Catholic Forum home page
Semper Fi Catholic Forum rules

Swingin' Down The Lane chat



ABOUT cruise and freighter lines
ALL lines live cams
Amenities, etc.
Amer Queen Sgl Rms
Carnival Cruisin' facts
Celebrity - MCj.....kj....k
Cel-RCI ChoiceAir-Air2Sea
CruiseCritic Forum (j..1)
CruiseCritic Reviews
Home page = URL for the Dawn is ...
Holland America
Juneau dock cam
Lists -- Cruise Ships, Companies
Norwegian - j.1j.1&j.k
L = 211251228 ... log in to My NCL at
PanamaCanal cams
Peter Deilmann ocean & river

Ports Info

Ports incredible site 2
Your guide to cruise ports and harbors around the world
Ports and Timetables
Cruise Timetables is your first port-of-call to find up-to-date cruise ship schedules, itineraries, sampled prices, ports-of-departure and ports-of-call for all the major cruiselines.
Pt Evrglds Ship Sched - Ft Laud
World Atlas maps
Boston Cruise Port Parking
Caribbean web-cams

Preismans Pictorial Cruise Reviews
Princess cameras
Princess - ema&j.....k
RCI - j......1&j....k
2016 ResNos 7649480 7649718
Regent Seven Seas
Stateroom Photos and Info
Cruise Line Rooms - We provide the ability for cruise goers to share photos of the staterooms that they have stayed in. This allows future cruisers to have a users view at the stateroom thay may be staying in or thinking of booking
Tauck Riverboat Cruises
Viking River Cruises

VTG pages

VTG 90-Day Ticker
VTG age 55 specials
VTG Ratings-1to6stars
VTG search-for-cruise
VTG Singles Bargains
American Queen only

Puzzles - Cryptic, etc.

Cryptic - Mirror
Trivia at
Thousands of free online trivia quizzes about geography, movies, science and more.

Political News

Drudge Report
NewsMax SiteMap
Ann Coulter articles
Human Events
Town Hall
Newseum - Worldwide Front Pages
Hot Air
from 5/23
Michelle Malkin
Monica Crowley


1983 Code of Canon Law (one page)
Blue Letter Bible (Prot.) multi-version w. commentary, etc.
Catechism search - K of C
CCC at
CCC at va - with Intratext concordance
CCC search -- Borromeo
Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Daily Word w. Navarre Commentary
Docs of Vatican II (8 langs) va
Docs of Vatican II (Eng-Lat) EWTN
Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary, 1859 edition.
II Vatican Council - A Fulltext Search Engine
KJV at UVa
NAB at va -- with Intratext concordance
NAB read or search
old Catholic Encyclopedia
RSV w Deuteros - UM - links to searches at bottom
RSV-CE Bible - no notes, no search

AAAA weekly

What is it
NOTW weekly
TV Guide for 44054

TV schedules

EWTN specials
EWTN daily grid
Look here to see when EWTN Catholic Television programs are airing.
Figure Skating TV Schedule
A&E 51 schedule
Big Ten Network
BTN2Go schedule
Watch live and on-demand Big Ten games on BTN2Go, including Big Ten Football, Big Ten Basketball and more. The BTN2Go game schedule includes live and on-demand broadcasts of Big Ten Network games and on-demand access to select non-Big Ten Network conference games. Plus, fans can always watch BTN live broadcasts on BTN's 24/7 online video stream.
Browns schedule
C-SPAN 1-2-3 Schedule
Cavaliers Schedule
Cleveland Indians TV and radio
Court TV schedule
Cubs on WGN
ESPN schedules
Football Bowl Games
History Channel schedule
Lake County Captains
OSU football schedule
OSU MBB sched and results
PBS 45 and 49 schedule
Sportstime Ohio, STO, program listings, program schedule, schedule
Stooge Sched on AMC
TBS 33 schedule
TCM site map
Travel Channel schedule
USA network 60 schedule
WGN schedule
WSOP on ESPN 2009
WVIZ 2 schedule

Catholic & Pro-Life

FreeFind - p-931912530 -s-56479626 -w-fullURLthruStsIntro.htm
McNamara at ZENIT
Rosary Light and Life archive (Fr. Paul Duffner, O.P.)
Read here from Mar/Apr '02 to present. I received Jul-Aug 1981 to Nov-Dec 1989 by mail. Re-read and give away all of the paper copies (writing on them this site's URL).
StJoseph(AL) PriestSched
Saint Joseph Parish - Avon Lake, OH

Comics & other Humor

RLederer on Language
Sep 10, 2012, is next.
Will It Blend
Last seen (working from oldest to latest): Thanksgiving Dinner [~2007] [Official site:]
wu riddles - fr Faustian - fr main page



Chambers Monthly
Monthly ... Scroll down to link for printable version.
Derek Harrison's Crossword Centre
Globe&Mail - fr 12200-12200
Daily (?) ... Scroll down to link for printable version. (Black blocks are not solid!)
Guardian - fr 062199
Use "Cryptic" link to get to current puzzle.
See if archive going back to 2002 is still available.
Spectator - fr 6-17-06
If necessary, try to find formerly available archive (from 6/17/06) at
Stickler Australian
In Archive, work forward from #1 (Sep., 2013) to present. It is necessary to print puzzle & clues from PDF unless desiring to solve interactively, but hints and solution can be copied and printed from a DOC file.


4 from Peter Biddlecombe
26 & 93 & 98 from Kegler
98 Bar-style and 93 Block-style and 26 for beginners
26 from Squizz
36 from WGH British
41 from OraFusion Crossword
80 from Atlantic Monthly
Probably OK are July 1997 at bottom through July 2004.
150 plus from Puzzlecrypt
John de Cuevas. New ones continue monthly.
100s from Guardian
Use search box, at right, to go to archives. Puzzles from June 24, 1999 through January 29, 2010 may be available.
old Dabeed etc. -
About Puzzles offers a variety of online and printable cryptic crossword puzzles, absolutely free, for your solving pleasure. These are UK-style cryptic crossword puzzles.

a2z WordFinder
Advanced Anagram Server
Akron de-anagrammer
Amo xword pzl dictionary
Andy's anagram solver
Atlantic Puzzler Clues
Atlantic Unbound: The Atlantic Monthly Magazine Online
Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator
CCCWC Competition Results
Cryptic clue types
Infoplease xword aids
Iterative Anagram Solver
OneAcross xword help
OneLook Dictionary Search


Top Secret Recipes
LOGOUT PenFed-Belvoir
stnmthenstno + as4em
stnmthenstno + as4em
Cleveland Polka Assoc. calendar
EarthCam - Ground Zero
Mugshots, public records, booking records, official records, arrest records, criminal records, police mugshots, celebrity mugshots, dui mugshots, prostitution mugshots, sex offenders mugshots, and more.
Lorain County Event Calendar

Potential USSETC material

Wreck Photos
Resume at 10.31.16 after trip.
Illusions - MightyOptical
Restart at 4/1/06 (c. pg. 386 and move back in time.
Illusions, Akiyoshi - see comments on Draft pg
Records -- Holders - ongoing updates -- Drafts
Records -- Links galore - cont at Record Books
Records -- Weird
Within this site you will find a selection of world records featured in our book, including The longest gum wrapper chain and The longest strawberry cake, and you have the opportunity to become a world record holder your self.
ScientificPsychic -- Zamora brain teasers, etc.
Illusions - 123
I finished looking at these in 2016 (and sending some of them), but I decided to keep the bookmark.

Hoaxes (for USSETC)
See latest article(s), and then work back from previous cutoff. Most recent date read = 6/19/16. Work back from before 12/3/14 (poss. bottom of page 5).


Sonya Thomas news
OSU Wrestling
MLB league leaders
Minor League Baseball Standings
Ohio HS Football Scores and Rankings
Benedictine Bengals Results and Schedule
BHS BB scores.sched
USAToday Indians averages w. splits
OHSAA_ Football Index
OHSAA computer rankings

Web Logs (Secular)

Web Logs (Catholic)

Vultus Christi
Where My Heart Lies

AAAA occasional or future

Bookmarks to be distributed

Catholic and Pro-Life -- NCR, etc.
Catholic Exchange news
Catholic News Agency
Catholic Quotations
Catholic World News
Charterhouse of the Transfiguration
eCatholicHub - Pro-Life
Sanctity of Life Checks
St. Therese's Little Way
Women for Faith and Family
ZENIT -- em & 4ebt73iq

Comics & other Humor

Counterfeit - find the one difference
Grimm archives - start point 1994-01-01
Houston Chron week of comix
Shakespearean Insult Generator

Free Streaming Movies
Inside Outlook Express
Microsoft Windows Update


Anti marketer sites
The linked site (Direct Marketing Assn) is one of three where, in February, 2017, I opted out of being persecuted by their sickening mailings. The others are Digital Advertising Alliance and Network Advertising Alliance -- at and .
Cameron Station Federal Government Employees 1969-1995
City of Sheffield Lake
CLEVNET Library login
Fieldglass - as4MFxx
IES DarwiNet Stubs
for UID and MW, see email from KDuru
Ohio County Fairs
Ohio Fair harness racing dates
Credit Report and Monitoring, ID Protection, etc. hot addr plus MW (as for MIAP [uc/lc] and [lovals])
OnStar manage 111429722 - as4CUs
Operating Status in the Washington, DC, Area
The Best Deals on Electronics, Tablets, Phones, Office Supplies, Video Games and more at
World at Night
Continue at barcelona ..., working down.

Radio & TV Broadcasts


Sports - Cle & all baseball

Akron Aeros
Cleveland Browns -- official site
Cleveland Cavaliers -- official site
Cleveland Indians (official site)
Cleveland Indians schedule
Carolina Mudcats
Lake County Captains [SAL]
Mahoning Valley Scrappers [NYP]
MLB -- standings, stats, transactions, etc.
milb -- history, standings, stats, transactions, etc.
The Baseball Cube - Statistics for MLB, Minor Leagues, College and the Draft.

Sports - College

Sports - OHSAA

Region 9 OHSAA unofficial rankings
OHSAA rankings for playoffs

Sports - Olympics

Check out updated results and scores for all the 2012 Summer Olympic events on
2008 home page:
2014 WOly Sch & Res
Official Olympic Schedule & Results for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Full Competition Schedule by Day or by Sport. Live updates. Mobile App available!

Sports - WorldChamps

TrackField World Championships
14th IAAF World Championships Timetable by day
Nest is Day 8

Support & Search at Microsoft

Web Logs (Catholic)

†Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam†
After abortion
American Papist
Curt Jester
Dave Armstrong -- Cor ad cor loquitur
formerly at
Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! O.P.
Hallowed Ground
Heart, Mind & Strength
Insight Scoop -- Ignatius Press -- Carl Olson
J. Akin
Lady in the Pew
Light of the Law -- Dr. E. Peters
One Monk of the Order of Saint Benedict
phatcatholic apologetics - chg skin in future
St Andrew Q&A
The Way of the Fathers
White Around The Collar
Word Incarnate
Danielle Bean
Zuhlsdorf, Fr.

Web Logs (Secular)

Confirm Them
RCP Blog
The Corner on National Review Online
Religion of Peace
Cruise News
Amazing Places
I worked through ALL the pages of this site in 2015.

From Internet Explorer

Apologetics -- English

150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic
50 NT Proofs for Petrine Primacy & the Papacy
ABCs Of Faith
About Catholics - Faith & Beliefs - scroll down
Aedificatio -- Luke Wadel
AMAIC - debunk Teilhard de Chardin
Answer to Eric Svendsen by Porvaznik
Anti-Catholicism on the Net
Apostolate for Catholic Truth
ARM blog - Vincent Lewis of All Roads Ministry
Art Sippo -- Art of Catholic Self-Defense
Authenticity of Apparitions -- Fr. Peter Joseph
Baptism of Blood, Desire - Magisterial texts
Bible Christian Society -- Catholics in Alabama
Biblical Evidence for Cath. (Erasmus - Dave Armstrong)
Capital Punishment -- pro and con
Catholic Answers Inc. - library page
Catholic Apologetics -- David Palm
Catholic Apologetics Network -- Dave Keene
Catholic -- caution, SSPX site
Catholic Culture articles on Apologetics
Catholic Culture articles on Controversies
Catholic Culture articles on Councils
Catholic Culture articles on Papacy
Catholic Doctrinal Concordance -- scripture verses
Catholic Educator's Resource Center
Catholic ex-JWs
Catholic Faith and Reason
Catholic Information & Resources
Catholic Information League
Catholic League -- Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust
Catholic Legate
Catholic Mission faith leaflets
Catholic Net Abbey
Catholic Pages -- Dissent, Feminism, SSPX, Culture Wars
Catholic Q& -- FAQ
Catholic -- links
Catholic Response -- many essays, links
Catholic Way -- Keith Fournier
Catholicism according to the Fathers
Cathtruth -- heretics century by century, etc.
CC Treasure Chest (English)
Centre for Thomistics -- articles
Christendom Awake (May, Ker, Shivanandan, et al)
Church of the N.T. -- Tim Wells -- Dennis Barton
Claire is Still Catholic
Coming Home Network blog
Cor Unum -- Joseph Gallegos
Critique of transl. of Ott's Fundamentals Of Catholic Dogma
CUF Faith Facts -- User & PW = 'witness' & 'christian'
Defending the Bride
Defending the Faith
Dissenting Authors and Speakers
Dogmas of the Catholic Church
Don't be fooled by Jack T. Chick tracts

Apologetics -- English Pt. 2

Eastern Fathers on Petrine Primacy
Eucharist is Real Presence of Jesus
Evangelizing Jews
EWTN -- The Teachings of the Catholic Church
EWTN doc-lib (Akin, Madrid, Most, Saunders, et al)
EWTN doc-lib (Ciresi, Marshner, Garrigou, et al)
EWTN doc-lib -- all Apologetics articles
EWTN experts -- FAQ
FAQ at Catholic Doors Ministry
Filioque acc. to Melkite Catholics
Fish Eaters -- Caution SSPX types
Flanagan and Schihl -- Catholic Biblical Apologetics
Fr. Francis Peffley
Fr. John Hardon -- article archives
Fr. Joseph Jenkins - Gehenna page
Fr. Mateo - archives
Fr. R Ryland -- Does Being Catholic Make a Difference
Fr. R. H. Benson -- Religion of the Plain Man
Fr. William Most -- opera omnia
Glenn Miller (prot) -- Christian Thinktank
Glenn Miller -- Objections
Hahn - St. Paul Center
Holy Catholic -- Bible quotes by topic only
Household of Faith programs -- Kris Franklin, Rosalind Moss
I. Shawn McElhinney -- Writings
InFallibility -- Mark Lowery
James Akin's Internet Question Box
James Akin's Nazareth Resource Library
John Loughnan -- Sean O'Lachtnain
John Salza -- Scripture Catholic
Just War -- Weigel et al
Katoliko -- essays and links
Kiwi Catholic -- Dean Mischewski
Knights of Columbus -- CIS Veritas Series (PDF)
Lane Core
Lumen Verum Apologetics
Marcellino D'Ambrosio -- Crossroads Initiative
Mark-Shea -- article collection
Marty Barrack -- Second Exodus
Matt's 1618 Page
Matthew Newsome -- Turris Fortis
Mystical Rose apologetics
Once Saved, Always Saved -- NO
Our Catholic Faith
Our Lady's Warriors
QandA regarding the Catholic Church -- Lisa A

Apologetics -- English Pt. 3

Papal Authority -- Jeffrey Mirus
Peter Kreeft -- audio
Peter Kreeft -- writings 1
Peter Kreeft -- writings 2
Petrine Primacy Debate -- Catholic vs. Orthodox
Phatmass Ref Directory
Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth -- Catholic Answers
Pius XII resources
Popes and the Early Councils
Presentation Ministries - Brochures by Topic
Purgatory -- the Poor Souls
Quick Q and A -- New Advent
R. J. Grigaitis -- specialty in Church of Christ
R. Sungenis -- Catholic Apologetics International
Rabbi Dalin interviewed on Pope Pius XII
Real Presence Association -- esp. Eucharist
Real Rock -- Sungenis (pre-CAI)
Sacred Heart Butlerlinks archived
Scriptural Catholicism -- Steve Kellmeyer
Seven Dolors -- Bread of Life
Sheed and Ward -- Catholic Evidence Training Outlines
Show it to me in the Bible -- CFP
Sixth Nicene Canon and the Papacy
St. Charles B. -- HTML truth
St. Charles B. PDF point papers
St. Charles Borromeo parish apologetics, etc.
St. Michael's Q&A Board
St. Thomas Aquinas Forum
Stay Catholic -- Splendor of Truth
Steve Clifford -- convert from Mormonism
Steve Ray (Others' writings)
Steve Ray -- Defenders of the Catholic Faith
Steven Kellmeyer - Where in the Bible
Steven Merten -- I Love You, God
straight answers -- Fr. Wm. Saunders of ACH
Timeline -- Catholic history
Total Catholic Debate Page
Totus Tuus Ministries
Turner Family -- St. Justin Martyr Center
Until divorce do us part_ [Bible Greek on divorce]
What Catholics Believe -- at KofC
Which Christianity -- Beutels
Work of God -- 30-Pt course, etc.
You are Peter -- Dwight Longenecker
ZENIT -- run google search -- note other lingos

Apologetics -- Foreign

ACIprensa (Catholic news, Encyclopedia, etc., in Spanish) [Spanish apologetics, conversion stories]
ARVO.NET -- mundo, hombre, dios -- Links Enlaces
CC Treasure Chest (Portuguese)
CC Treasure Chest (Spanish)
FRENCH apologetique -- (Spanish apologetics, liturgy, +)
Para Salvarte -- Padre Loring
PORTUGUESE -- Agnus Dei apologética
Respuestas catolicas -- Misioneros de la Palabra de Dios

Baseball reference -- current and historic

Current baseball

The Sporting News - Baseball
Tribe site (game, notes, box, etc.)

Historic baseball

Baseball Cards 1887-1914
Baseball Think Factory [research by Ruane et al] [ALL players, rosters, parks, firsts, e - MLB Statistics and History
MLB database (Sean Lahman)
MLB historical
Retrosheet Strange & Unusual Plays (updated quarterly)
Retrosheet [incredible]

Biography and History (religious and secular)

Archaeology -- Biblical, Franciscan
Biographical Dictionary
Bordeaux Pilgrim to Jerusalem --- 333 A.D. description
Cardinals, past and present
Catacombs of Rome
CE's list of all popes w. links to entries about them
Centre for Deformation & Renaissance Studies
Chesterton -- photos and many WAVs
EWTN doc-lib -- articles on Church History
Find A Grave
Historic Photo Archive
History & info - Overview of many calendars
History Channel
History of Councils -- 325 to 1870 -- Hughes
History Place - photos, essays, timelines
Holy Sepulchre -- Jerusalem
Hughes Catholic History
Jerusalem -- tour and history
Jesuit Saints, Explorers, Scholars, Artists
Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Leonardo da Vinci -- WebMuseum
Photos from 1840s thru 1940s
Political Graveyard (pols' biographies, etc.)
Pope John Paul II in the Holy Land -- Mar 2000
Prot. Denom. History
Vatican II (history, documents, etc.)
Wiesenthal Center
World War I -- 7000 photos, illustrations, articles

Calendar sites - Scope, etc

Births, deaths, weds today - imdb
Calendar - Today-in-History - SCOPE SYSTEMS
Calendar Calculator
Oldies Music-- Ron Smith's Oldies Calendar
TheHistoryNet Today in History
This Day in History - History Channel

Christmas -- Music, Etc

Air Force Band
In 2015, I listened to the new 2015 album, plus ...
Christmas Carols & Songs Alphabetical, Chronological, & Geographical Catalogue
ChristmasHeaven from PolkaHeaven
Start listening each 12/17.
Dave Armstrongs's Christmas Index
Garritan Christmas Music - free mp3s
Alter URL for subsequent years. I got all years through 2009 or 2010, plus 2013 and 2014. The missing ones were unavailable.
GuitarGuy Chords
Hymns and Carols of Christmas -- huge list
Online Christmas Songbook
Sally DeFord mp3s and sheet music

Comics Linked at jg51

Creators Syndicate
Frank and Ernest for weekly viewing
HoustonChronicle comics list w link to build own pg
King Features Comics
Stu's Comic Strip Connection (major syndicates)

Converting and Conversion stories

A Conversion Dream by Jayme Dansereau
A Triumph and a Tragedy -- James Akin (from SbT)
ABCs Of Faith
Affirming All Things -- Dwight Longenecker
Association of Hebrew Catholics
Catholic Culture articles on Ecumenism
Catholic Literary Converts
Catholic Pages CONVERTS
Catholics converting England -- Fr. Aidan Nichols, OP
CC has the answer
Coming Home Network home page
Coming Home Network
Conversion by G. K. Chesterton
Converts' Corner
Dave Armstrong -- part 18 of super-link page
Dion DiMucci -- The Wanderer Comes Home
English Converts -- Chesterton, Belloc, et al.
Evangelical Catholic Apologetics -- Porvaznik
Ex--Jehovah's Witnesses
Famous Converts of History -- links to pages
From Agnostic to Catholic
From Calvinist to Catholic by Rodney Beason
From Methodist to Catholic by Maggie L. Cooper
Gate of Bliss -- a few convert testimony links
Historic Catholic Converts programs -- Fr. Chas. Connor
19 programs
How to become Catholic
I was robbed! -- Leila Miller's story
Journey Home programs -- Marcus Grodi
Katoliko -- many stories
Lois Day
Lutheran to Baptist to Catholic by Lady Catherine
My Journey of Faith by Marco Fallon
My Return by Primo Martinez
Mysterious Conversion of Rome's Chief Rabbi
protestantes convertiendo al catolicismo
Returning Home --
Returning Home -- Rick Ricciardi
Richard Froggatt -- Fallen Away Comes Home
Salvation is from the Jews -- Roy Schoeman
Sara McLaughlin -- Holy Osmosis
Steve Clifford -- From Utah with Love
Testimonies -- At the Gate of Bliss

Doctrine and Theology (with exceptions)

Basic Catholicism (theology, philosophy, scripture, etc.)
Catholic Culture articles on Morality
Catholic Pages Directory -- GOD
Cdl. Hans Urs von Balthasar -- intro to works
Comparative Chart of Christian Beliefs
Epiphany, a Theol Intro to Cath'sm -- Fr. Aidan Nichols, OP
Fr Thomas McGovern -- writings
Fr. Ian Ker writings
Fr. William Most library at PetersNet
Genesis -- Cardinal Ratzinger -- HPR
Mother Angelica's Writings
Seven Deadly Sins - Wm Rushman
Thomas Aquinas -- all works in Latin
Women for Faith and Family

Eastern Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy

Byzantine Catholic Church in America
Byzantine Catholic Daily Prayer and Lectionary
Byzantium And The Roman Primacy
Catholic View of Orthodoxy by Aidan Nichols OP
Catholicism & Orthodox --- Comparison {Armstrong}
Contraception -- from Orthodox perspective
Eastern Catholic FAQ -- by EWTN's expert
Eastern Catholic Liturgies and Music
Maronite Catholics
Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Newton
Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
Uniatism Problem - St. Elias, Toronto
USCCB dialog with Eastern Orthodox -- documents

Entertainment (Trivia, TV, Movies, Cartoons, Games, Humor, Cards)

10 Complete Movies Online
3d images
Acronym Finder
Brain Candy Riddles Jokes Insults Word Play
Skip trivia section (already gleaned).
Classic Movies (TCM) search
Dialectizer (redneck, Fudd, Swede, pig-latin, jive, etc.)
Easton humor (raided, but many links not taken)
Skip trivia section (already gleaned).
FilmBug - links to sites about stars
Fun With Words
Greeting Cards - Catholic (inspirational, etc.)
Greeting Cards - secular [123 Greetings]
Greeting Cards - secular [bluemountain]
Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Letterman Top Ten Archive [since 8-31-93]
Letterman Top Ten Lists [from 1987-1993]
Marx Bros. _why a duck_ site
Maynard Ferguson - sound clips, show dates
Misheard lyrics, Artist Index, Parodies, etc.
mountains of TRIVIA from Williams College
Our Gang Online. A Little Rascals review.
Peanuts FAQ (over 240K of text!)
Already gleaned for trivia Q&A.
Print Blank Music Staff Paper
Quotation sites linked
Salsa Recipes -- 532 at Clay's Kitchen
Screen It (entertainment review for parents)
Silent Comedies - Grapevine Video
Song Parodies
The Looney Tunes SoundSource

Three Stooges

Kansas Stooge Blog
Three Stooges - Christine Lehman page

Trivia quizzes - 571 at NYT
Videosift archive of vintage classic clips
Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Word Play
Word Games Archive - AtlanticMonthly

Eternal Word Televisioin Network (EWTN)

All _Journey Home_ programs (RealAudio)
EWTN document library search
EWTN experts Q&A
WEWN home (sched., link to Real)

Evangelization Efforts

All Roads Ministry
Catholic Culture articles on Evangelization
Catholic Pages Directory LAPSED CATHOLICS
Catholic Pages EDUCATION (Catechesis, Colleges, Home School)

False faiths, their scriptures

Anglican Episcopalian
Answering Islam
Anti-Christian Material on Islamic Web Sites
Apologética -- -- Spanish (scroll)
The Assemblies of God Online (USA) -- World Religions
Brief Reply To Jehovah's Witnesses
BUDDHISM -- caution, SSPX site
Catholic Culture articles on Cults & New Age
Catholic Culture articles on Heresy
Catholic Culture articles on Schisms
Catholic Pages Directory NEW AGE & CULTS
Ex-JW page promoted on Journey Home
Ex-Mormon page from Steve Clifford
Freemasonry -- 3 degrees and rituals
Freemasonry FAQs
Henry VIII's Revolt and Suppression of the Bishops
Heresy of Modalism (held by some Oneness Pentecostals)
How old is your denomination_
Iglesia ni Cristo -- Catholic Answers
ISLAM -- caution, SSPX site
The Islamic Scorecard (Yedidya Atlas) - March 1996
Jack Chick, Rick Jones - attempted refut'n of 37 CCC doctri
Jehovah's Witnesses (official site)
Jews for Jesus
John Loughnan on SSPX, sedevacantists, etc.
JUDAISM -- caution, SSPX site
Judaism 101_ Table of Contents
JW links -- scroll down
JWs and the Early Church Fathers - scroll down
Keepers of the old Sabbath (SDA, etc.)
LDS, Why their Baptism is invalid
LDS_RCC Debate, Who Holds the Keys_ (Pope or Prophet)
Mormon - Gods of Mormon Church
Mormon Quotes -- revealing the stupidity
Mormon Temple Ceremonies
Mormonism Compared to Bible
Mormonism vs. Christianity
Mormonism, Investigating - Packham
Mormons, The (by Fr. Leslie Rumble)
Mormons, The (by Isaiah Bennett)
Mozzie response to anti-Islam comments

Non-Christian _scriptures_

Jehovah's Witnesses--Do They Teach What the Bible Really Teaches
Koran - University of Virgi
Koran recommended by Robt Spencer - Engl. & Arabic
The Book of Mormon (search or browse)

Peter Kreeft -- see the Other Religions section
Pseudo-traditionalist directory, etc.
¡Qué cosa es la Masonería!
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses - links to sites
USCCB review -- McBrien Catholicism
Various faiths, atheism, masonry
Wittenberg project -- by and about Luther, etc.
World religions (statistics) --

Fine Arts (music, painting, sculpture, etc.)

America the Beautiful + 12 Days of Chr. +
Biblical and Religious Art -- Dore et al.
Catholic Tradition [great art images]
Guitar chords for songs
The old is closed.
Hymn Tune Metrical Index - CCEL
Mama Rocks -- good midis with lyrics
Modern Sacred Art -- Catholic
Multimedia Music Dictionary -- VTU
Oldies list - artists alphabetically w titles, years
Oldies' artist links
Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum.
Public Domain song list [3,500 songs, 80+ years old)
Public use photos -- FREE of all royalties
RealPlayer Home Page

RealPlayer Live Stations

Soundtracks - Musicals

Totally Catholic Link Directory - Music, Musicians
Vatican City State -- Museums
Vatican City State -- Sistine Chapel
Vatican Museums w. virt. tour

Intratext -- works with Concordances

AAA -- IntraText Digital Lib -- home page
AAB Intratext English catalog entries
AAC Intratext -- indexed by author, by title, by lingo
AAD Intratext, indexed by area and topic
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Code of Canon Law -- Latin Church
Code of Canons of Oriental Churches
Codigo de Derecho Canonico - Índice - IntraText CT
Council of Trent -- English
Council of Trent -- Spanish
Latin Vulgate (old) -- Intratext
New American Bible
Pope John Paul II -- over 2,000 works


Suggested Sites
Web Slice Gallery


1962 Roman Missal - PDF
1965 Ordo Missae in English
2011 Order of Mass
Order of Mass; Roman Missal
Adoremus Bulletin
Calendar (universal, US, readings, etc.)
Calendars -- univ, nat, loc, rel, parish
Cath. Liturgical Library (text of Mass, sacraments, etc.)
Catholic Culture articles on Liturgy
Catholic Culture articles on Sacraments
Catholic Pages MASS & LITURGY
Cyber Hymnal
Daily Mass readings at EWTN, etc.
Daily Mass readings at USCCB (plug in date)
Defense of the Mass of Paul VI -- frits albers
Defense of the Mass of Paul VI -- matt1618
GIRM1975English w. appendix, notitiae
GIRM1975 (alternate site to EWTN when down)
EWTN doc-lib -- articles on Liturgy
GIRM2002 in Latin
2000 GIRM -- comments by Fr. Walter R. Williams
Gregorian Chant [public domain hymns, psalm tunes]
Is Your Mass Valid_ Liturgical Abuse
Liturgical Planning -- Cantica Nova Pubs -- Mass, Adoration, Penance, Devotions
1962 Missale Romanum PDF
Rituale Romanum 1964
USCCB liturg. resources

Magazines, Books, Tapes, Newspapers

30 Days
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
Adoremus Bulletin
Arlington Catholic Herald
Bridegroom Press
Catholic Apologetics for the Beginning Apologist
Catholic Insight -- archives (Canada)
Catholic New York
Catholic News Service Home Page
Catholic World Report
Columbia (K of C) archives
Daughters of St. Paul -- Pauline Books & Media
Denver Catholic Register
First Things
Homiletic & Pastoral Review -- current
Ignatius Press
Inside the Vatican -
L'Osservatore Romano (English weekly)
Latin Mass magazine
LayWitness -- Catholics United for the Faith
Leaflet Missal Company
Living Tradition (Oblates of Wisdom -- Harrison)
Magnificat Institute Press
Media Research Center [watchdog _ Bozell]
New Oxford Review -- selected articles 1990s
Saint Joseph Communications
Sophia Institute Press and The Catholic Reader
St. Catherine Review
The Defender
This Rock magazine
Totally Catholic Link Directory
Welcome to [to Zenit, etc.] - world's largest library catalog

Marriage, Retrouvaille, Nullity

Against Cohabitation
Catholic Culture articles -- Marriage & Family
Nullity [many links]
Retrouvaille - A Lifeline for Married Couples I
Types of Matters Presented to a Marriage Tribunal
Until divorce do us part_ [Bible Greek on divorce]


Apparitions and whether (dis)approved
Apparitions of the Virgin Mary -- Bryan Walsh
Bl. J. H. Newman et al.
Catholic Culture articles
Fatima -- historical info
Fatima Secret - Message and Commentary
La Salette -- C.E.
Loudes Grotto, Emmitsburg  -- Spanish
Mary Page []
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Official documents on Medjugorje
Selections from the Menaion on the Theotokos


Fox News
Internet Radio Guide

Microsoft Websites

Add-ons Gallery
IE Add-on site
IE site on
Microsoft At Home
Microsoft At Work
Microsoft Store
Welcome to IE7

Misc. [CUs, eAccel, Wk manuals, etc.]

CatholicStationery.Com - envelopes, cards, etc.
COBOL 85 manual (PDF = 3 megabytes+ ... 598 pages)
COBOL 85 Prgmng Guide (10 megabytes PDF)
eAcceleration - acct 1363190 - 800-803-4588
eAcceleration Stop-Sign
Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union
Free Site Search Engine --
IES - view stubs - ssn&as4em
[full hot addr] ... [as for MIAP (w. UC, lc, and 00)]
Nationwide Insurance
hot addr & mw
OS390 JCL manual
OPM Services - see below
CSA42110840 ... 4inits (UllU, as at MIAP) + 4#frE130addr

MSN Websites

MSN Autos
MSN Entertainment
MSN Money
MSN Sports

Political Issues and People

Catholic Culture articles on politics
Catholic Culture articles on social ills
Ohio Secy of State Elections
EWTN doc-lib -- articles on Current Issues
Republican National Coalition for Life (RNCL)
World War I color photos
Tired of media reports of fundraising and poll results instead of policy issues? At, you can see the view of every candidates on every issue.

Political News

Blue Eagle -- 700 Online Columnists
Fox News
U.S. House Roll Call Votes
U.S. Senate roll calls 110th Congress

Prayer and Devotions (LoH, Rosary, Stations, etc.)

Akathist Hymn to BVM -- Eastern Catholic Devotion
Catholic Culture articles
Catholic Prayers -- yenra
Colosseum - Way of the Cross 2006
Come, Pray the Rosary - worldwide or individual
Ecumenical Miracle Rosary
Examination of Conscience
Franciscan Crown Rosary
Holy Rosary -- 20 illust. mysteries
Liturgy of the Hours (Universalis British) [OoR, MP, EP, NP]
Novena -- Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Novena for the Protection of the Unborn
Our Father in over 1650 langs and dialects
Prayerbook, Prayers for all occasions, Holy Mass, The Curren
Prayers, litanies, novenas, etc.
Praying the Perp. Web Rosary (Eng_Span_Fren_Ital_Viet)
Spanish prayers
Stations of the Cross -- St. Alphonsus Liguori
Stations of the Cross, links to dozens
The Pieta Prayer Book, Presented by Our Lady of the Rosary L
Treasury of Latin Prayers (Thesaurus Precum Latinarum)
Via Crucis -- Jerusalem photos

Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Sexuality

Abortion and victims or rape_incest
Abortion Breast Cancer Link (Brind)
Abortion Facts -- Heritage House 76
Abortion NO -- Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Abortion Pundit -- blog
Abortion Q&A (Willke book) -- Ohio RTL
Achieveing Peace in the Abortion War -- Rachel MacNair
Amer. Bioethics Advisory Commission [Fr. Joseph Howard]
American Life League
BeNotAfraid -- difficult pregnancy
Bible & Early Christians on Abortion
Catholic Culture articles -- Life Issues
Catholics Against Contraception
Catholics United for Life
Couple to Couple League
Courage Apostolate
Dr. Joseph G. Pastorek [pro-life physician]
Election Endorsements ProLife
Elizabeth Anscombe -- Contraception and Chastity
Embryo and Fetus develop (photos)
Euthanasia info
EWTN -- pro-life articles in doclib
EWTN copy of ALL's Pro-Life Encyclopedia
Feminists for Life - Women Deserve Better
Health risks from abortion
Human Life International
International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Joan Appleton etc.
Just Facts on abortion
Life Issues Institute, Inc.
Linacre Centre
Lorain County Right to Life
(1) Lorain County Right To Life (pro-life celebrities, etc.)
Mary Beth Bonacci -- Real Love Incorporated
MP3s Pro-Life Symposia
National Council for Adoption (Pierce)
National Right to Life
NFP Q&A, etc. -- chastity reVisited (blog)
Nightmares of Choice -- Rachel MacNair
Nuremberg Files (Abortion, Contraception, Sanger, etc.)
One More Soul -- NFPonly ObGyns
Ordinary Care -- assisted feeding & hydration
Pharmacists for Life International
Pill _ Breast Cancer Link (at One More Soul)
Post-Abortion Problems -- Texans for Life
Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their R
Priests for Life
Pro-Life America -- info galore (pro-life celebrities, etc.)
Prof. Mary Shivanandan and students -- writings
Prof. William E. May and his students -- writings
Pure Love Club -- Jason, Crystalina Evert
Roe V Wade - The Unconstitutional Decision
Sexual Wisdom -- educational guide
St. Gianna Maternity Home (NDak)
The Pill exposed -- mechanisms, failures, etc.
UNborn in the USA
University Faculty for Life
USCCB Pro-Life Activities -- newsletters, etc.
Visible Embryo
Welcome to Transformed Image
When Does Life Begin Dr. Fritz Baumgartner explains

Reference Infor (Secular), exc. Bio. and History

Baby Animal alphabet
Baby Animals
Bartleby_ Multiple Reference Wks
British Telephone residential directory
CIA -- The World Factbook (nations, etc.)
Cleveland History Encyclopedia
Cocktail Recipes
Next time you go to a bar for Happy Hour, you can order a well drink from this list of well drink recipes.
Common words, phrases, in hundreds of languages
Convert measures
Country Codes (2-letter) -- English-Spanish, Spanish-English
Dictionary -- American Heritage 2000
Dictionary and thesaurus []
Earthquakes -- latest (maps w. Richter Scale)
Encyclopedias -- links to general and specific
English Language sites linked by Lederer
Etymology Dictionary
Exercises without weights
Fall Foliage Maps of USA
FoIA -- FBI Reading Room [linked pgs = PDF]
Global Statistics (population, religions, etc.) at
Google advanced search
Hoaxes, rumors and urban legends (computers, autos, science, home, etc.)
HTML color names and codes
HTML, Java, etc. - tutorials
HTML, JavaScript, Style Sheet, CGI, Perl tutorials
Image Galleries -- Encyclopedia Britannica
Browse these image galleries at Encyclopedia Britannica to see pictures of a variety of fun and interesting topics including Animals, Famous Landmarks, the Human body, Natural Wonders!
IP Address Locator
Language dictionaries, grammars, etc.
Languages of the world (over 7,200)
Latin dictionary (Perseus)
Liberty Fund Library -- classic works
List of Pen names
List of Pseudonyms
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
Miscellany (quotations, proverbs, geography, etc.)
multiple ref sites (language, religion, etc.)
Museums of the World -- Virtual Library
Mystery Writers sites
Neighborhood profiles, Yahoo ... weather and other stats
Omniglot - langs, alphabs, writg systs of world
Quotations Page
Recipes, cooking tips, and food info
Search Social Security Death Index
Shakespeare Concordance incl. phrases
Shakespeare Concordance
Short Story Author Index
Slang Dictionary (
Slovakia - Genealogical Research
The Hard-to-Find-Grocer and The Candy Store
Time Zones of the World
Top Secret Recipes
Tornadoes, major -- 1840 to present
Translations free (alta vista _ babel fish)
Translations free -- to or from English
travlang's Translating Dictionaries
U.S. Postal Service -- fees, etc. [domestic calculator]
Vicipaedia -- a Latin wikipedia -- archived movies, concerts, recordings, etc.
Websters 1913, Roget's 1911, French-English
White Pages --
Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Word and Phrase Derivations - Word Detective
World Records galore - library search - use ti(colon) xxx au (colon) surname, firstname
worldwide speech accents
Words pronounced - all lingos

Religious Reference data (exc. history) clearinghouse
Cath Theol in GB since Vatican II -- Fr. Aidan Nichols, OP
Catholic Almanac Online [Our Sunday Visitor]
Catholic Culture Library Documents -- by Author
Catholic Culture Library Documents -- Category Index
Catholic Culture - PetersNet - Site Ratings