Good day! I want to try to help you have a pleasant and successful searching experience, so please follow these tips:

1. Please do NOT search for any of these words/abbreviations: Saint or St. or Blessed or Bl., because they are unnecesary and will only frustrate you.
Please DO search for any OTHER word(s) or for name(s).

2. Did you match too many pages? Try searching for the most unusual or specific word(s) or name(s) that you can, to match as few pages as possible.

3. Did you get no matches? Check your spelling. Try variations of the spelling (e.g., Elizabeth for Elisabeth) or try to anglicize a name (e.g., Mary for Maria). Try leaving out one word at a time, because one word may be preventing a match from occurring.

4. Want some more technical hints from the FreeFind search-engine folks themselves (e.g., three types of "phrase search," use of +/- qualifiers, use of */? wildcards, and use of boolean terms)? You can read about them here.

5. If the "search engine" says that it found a match, but it then shows some "sample" text (from the matched page) that lacks one or more of the words for which you searched, please go to matching page anyway. Then use the "Find-on-this-page" ability of your browser. This may require you to hit your "F3" key (or to depress "Ctrl" with "F"). This will generate a little "box" in which you should enter your most specific word to seek -- in order to zero in on your goal (using the "Next" button to bypass any "near misses").

6. To see an incredible "index" of my site, with links to EVERY word found there, please click here, and use the alphabetical links to navigate.

7. Are you STILL unable to find something that you feel sure MUST be somewhere on one of my pages? Then feel free to e-mail me at the address composed by combining the following elements:
["at" sign (@)]

THANK YOU for visiting! God bless you.