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On January 1, we members of the Catholic Church family celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God. It is also the Church's yearly World Day of Peace.

We also honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Bl. Adalbero of Liège (French, bishop in Belgium, d. 1128)

     St. Almachius [also known as Telemachus] (hermit, martyred c. 400)

     Bl. Aloysius Grozde of Trzisce [Alojzij, nickname: Lojze] (Slovenian, layman involved in "Catholic Action," martyred [tortured to death by Communists] at age 19 in 1943 [beatified 2010])

     St. Basil of Arles (French, bishop of Aix, d. 521)

     St. Beoc of Donegal (Welsh, abbot in Ireland, c. 6th Century)

     Bl. Bonanno of Abruzzi (Italian, Celestine  monk, c. 1320)

     Bl. Clarus of Vienne (French, Benedictine  abbot, c. 660 [beatified 1907])

     St. Concordius of Spoleto (Roman, subdeacon, tortured [racked] and martyred by beheading c. 175)

     St. Connat of Kildare (Irish, abbess, c. 590)

     St. Cuan (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

     Sts. Elvan and Mydwyn (British, 2nd Century)

     St. Eugendus of Condat (Swiss, abbot, died at about age 60 c. 510)

     St. Euphrosyne of Alexandria (Egyptian, virgin, martyred in 470)

     St. Fanchea of Rossory (Irish, abbess, c. 585)

     St. Felix of Bourges (French, bishop, c. 580)

     St. Fulgentius of Ruspe [full Latin name: Fabius Claudius Gordianus Fulgentius] (Tunisian, town official, abbot, bishop, theologian, battled Arianism, died at about age 65 in 533)

     St. Gregory the Elder of Nazianzos (Cappadocian [from what is now part of Turkey], official, convert at 49, father of three saints, bishop succeeded by his more famous son Gregory, died at about age 98 in 374)

     Bl. Hugolinus of Gualdo Cattaneo [Hugolino] (Italian, hermit, Augustinian  prior, d. 1260 [beatified 1919])

     St. Joseph Mary Tommasi of Alicata [Giuseppe Maria] (Sicilian, Theatine  priest, pope's confessor, cardinal, liturgical expert in eight languages, died at age 63 in 1713 [beatified 1803, canonized 1986])

     St. Justin of Chieti (Italian, bishop, c. 540)

     St. Maelrhys of Bardsey (French, lived on Welsh island, 6th Century)

     St. Magnus (early martyr)

     Bl. Marian Konopinski of Kluczewo (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 35 in 1943 [beatified 1999])

     St. Odilo of Cluny ["Archangel of Monks"] (French, Benedictine  abbot for 54 years, instituted All Souls' Day [11/02], died at about age 86 c. 1049)

     St. Peter of Atroa [baptized Theophylact] (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], hermit, abbot, died at age 59 in 837)

     Holy Soldiers of Rome (thirty men, martyred c. 304)

     Bl. Sigmund Gorazdowski of Sanok [Zygmunt] (Ukrainian, priest, died at age 74 in 1920 [beatified 2001])

     Bl. Valentine Paquay of Tongres [Valentin] (Belgian, Franciscan  priest of the Order of Friars Minor, provincial superior, died at age 76 in 1905 [beatified 2003])

     St. William of Dijon [Guglielmo] (Italian, nobleman, Benedictine  abbot in France, died at age 68 in 1031)

     St. Zdislava Berka of Krizanov (Moravian [from part of what is now Czech Republic], noblewoman, mother of four, first Slavic Dominican  tertiary, great benefactor of poor, died at about age 32 in 1252 [beatified 1907, canonized 1995])


On January 2, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:

     St. Basil the Great of Caesarea and St. Gregory the Younger of Arianzos (Cappadocian [from part of what is now Turkey], close friends born in 330, bishops, opponents of Arian heresy, Fathers and Doctors of the Church)
----- St. Basil ["Father of Eastern Monasticism"] (son of two saints and brother of four, metropolitan [archbishop], writer of great monastic rule of the East, died at about age 50 in 379)
----- St. Gregory [also called "Gregory Nazianzen" and "Gregory the Theologian"] (son of two saints and brother of two, bishop of Nazianzos, theologian, died at about age 61 in 389)

     St. Abel (son of Sts. Adam and Eve, shepherd, called innocent and righteous by Jesus [Matthew 23:35], murdered by brother Cain)

     Sts. Acutus, Artaxus, Eugenda, Maximinianus, Tabias, Timothy, and Vitus, of Sirmium (Pannonian [from what is now Hungary], martyred c. 4th Century)

     St. Adelard of Corbie (French, Benedictine  abbot in France and Germany, first cousin and advisor of Charlemagne, died at age 74 in 827 [canonized 1026])

     Sts. Argeus, Narcissus, and Marcellinus, of Tomi (brothers, soldiers, martyred [two beheaded, one drowned] in 320)

     St. Aspasius of Auch (French, bishop, c. 560)

     Bl. Ayrald of Maurienne (French, Carthusian  prior, bishop, d. 1146 [beatified 1863])

     Bl. Bentivoglio de Bonis of San Severino (Italian, disciple of St. Francis of Assisi, died at age 44 in 1232 [beatified 1852])

     St. Blidulf of Bobbio (Italian, monk, c. 630)

     St. Caspar del Bufalo of Rome [Gaspare] (Italian, priest, founder of (parish) Missionaries of the Most Precious Blood [CPpS], died at age 51 in 1837 [beatified 1904, canonized 1954])

     Bl. Gerard Cagnoli of Valenzo [Gerardo] (Italian, nobleman, hermit in Sicily, Franciscan  brother, cook, died at about age 75 in 1345 [beatified 1908])

     St. Isidore of Antioch (bishop, martyred c. 4th Century)

     St. Isidore of Nitria (Egyptian, bishop, 4th Century)

     Holy Book Martyrs of Rome (many anonymous martyrs who refused emperor's order to surrender religious books for burning, c. 303)

     Holy Martyrs of Lichfield (British, number unknown, martyred in 304)

     St. Macarius the Younger of Alexandria (Egyptian, merchant, hermit, priest, c. 401)

     St. Martinian of Milan (Italian, bishop, opposed Nestorianism, c. 435)

     St. Munchin the Wise of Limerick (Irish, bishop? c. 7th Century) [Memorial on Irish "particular calendar" on January 3]

     St. Seiriol (Welsh, 6th Century)

     St. Siridion of Antioch (early bishop)

     Bl. Stephanie of Quinzani [Stefania] (Italian, Dominican  tertiary, mystic, stigmatist, died at age 72 in 1530 [beatified 1740])

     St. Vincentian of Tulle (French, hermit, c. 730)

  [From St. Basil the Great:]

     "There is still time for endurance, time for patience, time for healing, time for change. Have you slipped? Rise up. Have you sinned? Cease. Do not stand among sinners, but leap aside. For when you turn away and weep, then you will be saved."

     "O sinner, be not discouraged, but have recourse to Mary in all your necessities. Call her to your assistance, for such is the divine Will that she should help in every kind of necessity."

     "By the command of your only-begotten Son, we communicate with the memory of your saints ... by whose prayers and supplications have mercy upon us all, and deliver us for the sake of your holy name." [Basilian liturgy, 373 A.D., used in some Eastern Church ceremonies]



On January 3, we members of the Catholic Church family pay honor to the Holy Name of Jesus.

We also honor the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Bl. Alan de Solminihac of Saint-Aquilin [Alain] (French, Augustinian  superior, bishop for 23 years, visited all 800 parishes at least nine times, died at age 66 in 1659 [beatified 1981])

     Pope St. Antherus (Greek, elected to papacy in 235, reigned just 43 days until martyrdom on this day in 236)

     Sts. Athanasius and Zosimus of Cilicia (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], tortured but survived, hermits, c. 303)

     St. Bertilia of Maroeuil (French, noblewoman, patron of poor and sick, widow, c. 705)

     St. Blitmund of Bobbio (Italian, abbot in France, d. 660)

     Sts. Cyrinus, Primus, and Theogenes, of Cyzicus (soldiers, martyred in Asia Minor in 320)

     St. Daniel of Padua (Italian, convert from Judaism, deacon, martyred in 168)

     Sts. Finlugh of Derry and Fintan of Doon (Irish, brothers, abbots, 6th Century)

     Sts. Florentius of Vienne I and II (French, bishops, one martyred c. 275, the other died c. 374)

     St. Geneviève of Paris (French, shepherdess, virgin, visionary, saved Paris from barbarians, died at about age 78 c. 500)

     St. Gordius of Caesarea (Cappadocian [from part of what is now Turkey], centurion, martyred by beheading in 304)

     St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara of Kainakary (Indian, priest and vicar general of Syro-Malabar church, co-founder and first prior-general of the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, died at age 65 in 1871 [beatified 1986, canonized 2014])

     Sts. Narses and Joseph of Subagord (Persian, bishop and disciple, martyred)

     St. Peter Balsam of Aulana (Palestinian, martyred by crucifixion c. 291)

     St. Peter Absalon of Caesarea (Palestinian, martyred [buried alive] c. 311)

     Sts. Theopemptus and Theonas of Nicomedia (from Asia Minor, bishop and layman, martyred in 284)

     St. Wenog (Welsh)


On January 4, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Elizabeth Ann Seton of New York [nee Bayley] ["Mother Seton"] (American, convert from Episcopalianism, mother of five, widow, foundress of Daughters of Charity of Saint Joseph, started U.S. Catholic school system, died at age 46 in 1821 [beatified 1963, first native-born American to be canonized - 1975]) [On U.S. particular calendar]

     St. Angela
of Foligno (Italian, widow, Franciscan  tertiary, mystic, died at age 60 in 1309 [beatified 1693, canonized 2013]) [commemorated by some on January 7]

     Sts. Aquilinus, Geminus, Eugene, Marcian, Quintus, Theodotus, and Tryphon (African, martyred by Arians c. 484)

     Bl. Christiana of the Cross Menabuoi of Castello di Santa Croce [baptized Oringa] (Italian, farm girl, serving maid, Augustinian  nun, died at about age 70 in 1310 [beatified 1776])

     St. Dafrosa of Rome [also called Affrosa] (Italian, mother of St. Bibiana, martyred by beheading, 4th Century)

     St. Emanuel Gonzalez Garcia of Seville [Manuel] ["Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle"] (Spanish, bishop, founder of Congregation of the Eucharistic Missionaries of Nazareth, founder of Disciples of Saint John, and founder of Children of Reparation, died at age 62 in 1940 [beatified 2001, canonized 2016])

     St. Ferreolus of Uzès (French, bishop, d. 581)

     St. Genevieve Torres Morales of Almenara [Genoveva] (Spanish, orphan at age 8, lost a leg to amputation at age 13, founded and led Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Holy Angels, died at age 86 in 1956 [beatified 1995, canonized 2003])

     St. Gregory of Langres (French, civil governor, widower, bishop of Autun, d. 539)

     Sts. Hermas, Aggaeus, and Caius (martyred c. 300)

     St. Libentius of Hamburg (German, Benedictine  monk, bishop, d. 1013)

     St. Mavilus of Hadrumetum (African, martyred [flung to ferocious beasts] in 212)

     Bl. Palumbus of Subiaco (Italian, Benedictine  priest, hermit, c. 1070)

     St. Pharaïldis of Ghent (Belgian, abused wife, died at about age 90 c. 740)

     Sts. Priscus, Priscillianus, and Benedicta, of Rome (Italian, priest, cleric, and laywoman, martyred in 362)

     St. Rigobert of Rheims (French, Benedictine  abbot, archbishop, hermit, c. 745)

     Bl. Roger of Ellant (English, Cistercian  abbot in France, d. 1160)

     St. Stephen du Bourg of Meyria [Etienne] (French, Carthusian  priest, died at about age 88 in 1118)

     Bl. Thomas Plumtree of Lincolnshire (English, priest, martyred [hanged] under Elizabeth I in 1570 [beatified 1886])

  [From St. Elizabeth Ann Seton:]

     "The first end I propose in our daily work is to do the will of God; secondly, to do it in the manner He wills it; and thirdly to do it because it is His will."



On January 5, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. John Nepomucene Neumann of Prachititz [Jan Nepomuk] (Czech, missionary priest in New York/Maryland/Pennsylvania/Ohio, Redemptorist, bishop of Philadelphia, author of catechisms, died at age 48 [stroke] in 1860 [beatified 1963, first male American citizen canonized - 1977]) [On U.S. particular calendar]

     Bl. Alacrinus
of Casamari [Alacrino] (Italian, Cistercian  prior, papal legate, d. 1216)

     St. Apollinaris (hermitess in Egypt, c. 450)

     St. Cera of Kilkeary (Irish, abbess, 7th Century)

     St. Charles of Mt. Argus Houben of Munstergeleen [Karel] [baptized Johannes Andreas (John Andrew)] (Dutch, Passionist  priest in Belgium/England/Ireland, healer, died at age 71 in 1893 [beatified 1988, canonized 2007])

     St. Charles Marchioni of Sezze [Carlo] [baptized Giovanni (John)] (Italian, shepherd, Franciscan  brother, cook, porter, gardener, mystic, died at age 56 in 1670 [beatified 1882, canonized 1959]) [commemorated by some on January 7]

     St. Convoyon of Redon (French, deacon, hermit, Benedictine  abbot, died at about age 80 in 868 [canonized 1866])

     St. Dorotheus the Younger of Khiliokomoas (Armenian, abbot, 11th Century)

     Holy Martyrs of Egypt (Egyptian, without number and anonymous, martyred in 303)

     St. Emiliana of Rome (Italian, aunt of St. Gregory the Great, abbess, died c.550)

     St. Gaudentius of Gnesen (Czech, Benedictine  monk in Italy, missionary and bishop in Germany, died at about age 44 c. 1004)

     St. Gerlach of Valkenberg (Dutch, soldier, widower, hermit, died at about age 75 c. 1175)

     Bl. James López Caamaño y García Pérez of Cádiz [Diego] [baptized/confirmed José Francisco Juan Mari­a (Joseph Francis John Mary)] (Spanish, Capuchin  priest, died within a week of his 58th birthday in 1801 [beatified 1894])

     St. Lomer of Corbion (French, hermit, monastic founder, d. 593)

     Bl. Maria Marcelina Darowska of Szulaki [nee Kotowicz] (Ukrainian, mother of two, widow, co-founded Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, superior for fifty years, died at age 83 in 1911 [beatified 1996])

     Bl. Maria Repetto of Voltaggio (Italian, member of Daughters of Our Lady of Refuge [Brignolines], seamstress and embroiderer, died at age 82 in 1890 [beatified 1981])

     St. Paula of Tuscany [Paola] (Italian, Camaldolese  nun, peacemaker between cities, died at about age 50 in 1368)

     St. Simeon Stylites the Elder of Cilicia (Syrian, shepherd, monk, pillar-dwelling hermit for 36 years, died at about age 69 c. 459)

     St. Syncletica of Alexandria (Egyptian, hermitess, died at age 84 c. 400)

     St. Talida of Antinoë (Egyptian, nun and abbess for over 80 years, 4th Century)

     Pope St. Telesphorus (Greek born in Italy, elected to papacy c. 125, reigned until martyred c. 136)


On January 6, we members of the Catholic Church family celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord Jesus. (The feast is transferred to the Sunday between January 2 and 8 in some countries, including the United States.)

We also honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. André Bessette of Saint-Gregoire [baptized Alfred] (Canadian [Quebecois], Holy Cross  brother for 67 years, miracle worker through intercession of St. Joseph, died at age 91 in 1937 [beatified 1982, canonized 2010]) [On U.S. and Canadian "particular calendars"]

     Holy Martyrs of Africa (of uncertain number and anonymous, martyred by burning c. 210)

     St. Anastasius (Pannonian [from what is now Hungary], martyred c. 4th Century)

     St. Diman Dubh of Connor (Irish, abbot, bishop, d. 658)

     St. Edeyrn of Armorica (French, hermit, 6th Century)

     St. Eigrad of Glamorgan (Welsh, 6th Century)

     St. Erminold of Prüfening (German, Benedictine  abbot, d. 1121)

     Bl. Frederick of Saint-Vanne [Frédéric] (French, Benedictine  prior, d. 1020)

     Bl. Gertrude van Oosten of Delft [Geertje] (Dutch, serving girl, beguine, mystic, stigmatist, d. 1358)

     St. Guarinus of Sion [Guerin] (French, Cistercian  abbot in Switzerland, bishop in France, died at about age 85 in 1150)

     St. John de Ribera of Seville [Juan] (Spanish, duke's son, archbishop of Valencia for 42 years, died at about age 78 in 1611 [beatified 1796, canonized 1959])

     St. Macra of Rheims (French, virgin, tortured and martyred in 287)

     St. Merinus (Irish, hermit in Wales, 6th Century)

     St. Nilammon of Geris (Egyptian, hermit)

     St. Owen of Aberdaron [Hywyn] (Welsh, missionary, c. 516)

     Bl. Peter Bonilli of San Lorenzo di Trevi [Pietro] (Italian, parish priest, founded Religious of the Holy Family of Spoleto, died at age 94 in 1935 [beatified 1988])

     St. Peter of Canterbury (Italian, Benedictine  abbot in England, c. 608 [canonized 1915]) [commemorated by some on June 1]

     St. Raphaela of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Porras y Ayllón of Pedro Abad [Rafaela del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus] [baptized Rafaela Maria] (Spanish, co-foundress and mother general of Handmaids of the Sacred Heart, died at age 74 in 1925 [beatified 1952, canonized 1977])

     Bl. Rita Beloved of Jesus Lópes de Almeida of Ribafeita [Rita Amada de Jesus] ["Apostle of the Rosary"] (Portuguese, resisted Masonic government's persecution to found and guide Sisters of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, helped poor children, died at age 64 in 1913 [beatified 2005])

     St. Schottin of Mt. Mairge (Irish, hermit, 6th Century)

     St. Wiltrudis of Bergen (Bavarian, duchess, widow, Benedictine  abbess, c. 986)

     [Christians celebrate this or another day in January as a commemoration of the Magi, traditionally known as Sts. Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.]


On January 7, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Raymond of Penyafort [Ramón de Peñafort] (Spanish, nobleman, civil and canon lawyer to age 46, Dominican at 47, missionary to Moslems, pope's confessor, master general of his Order at 63, died at about age 99 in 1275 [canonized 1601])

     St. Aldric
of Le Mans (German, bishop in France, d. 856)

     St. Anastasius of Sens (French, archbishop, d. 977)

     St. Brannock of Braunton (Welsh, abbot, 6th Century)

     St. Canute Lavard of Roskilde (Danish, duke, martyred at about age 35 in 1131 [canonized 1169])

     St. Clerus of Antioch (Syrian, deacon, martyred c. 300)

     Sts. Crispin of Pavia [I and II] (Italian, bishops, died c. 250 and c. 450)

     St. Cronan Beg of Aendrum (Irish, bishop, 7th Century)

     Bl. Edward Waterson of London (English, priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Elizabeth I in 1593 [beatified 1929])

     St. Emilian of Saujon (French, Benedictine  hermit, d. 767)

     Sts. Felix and Januarius of Heraclea (early martyrs)

     St. Julian of Cagliari (Sardinian [Italian], martyr)

     St. Kentigerna of Loch Lomond (Irish, widow in Scotland, c. 734)

     St. Lucian of Antioch (Syrian, priest, theologian, tortured and martyred [by sword] in 312)

     Bl. Marie Therese Haze of Liège [baptized Jeanne (Joan)] (Belgian, virgin, founded Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross, died at age 93 in 1876 [beatified 1991])

     St. Nicetas of Dacia (bishop)

     St. Reinhold of Cologne (French, Benedictine  monk, martyred with stonemasons' hammers in 960)

     St. Theodore (Egyptian, hermit, 4th Century)

     St. Tillo of Solignac (German, hermit, Benedictine  abbot in France, d. 702)

     St. Valentine of Rhaetia (missionary bishop, died in Austria c. 470)

     Bl. Wittikund of Westphalia (German, duke, c. 804)


On January 8, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Abo of Baghdad (Iraqi, perfumer, convert from Islam, martyred by beheading in Georgia in 786)

     St. Apollinaris of Hierapolis (Phrygian [from what is now part of Turkey], bishop, c. 180)

     St. Athelm of Canterbury (British, Benedictine  abbot, archbishop, d. 923)

     St. Atticus of Constantinople (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], bishop, d. 425)

     St. Carterius of Caesarea (Cappadocian [from what is now part of Turkey], priest, martyred in 304)

     St. Ergnad of Ulster (Irish, nun, 5th Century)

     St. Erhard of Ratisbon (Irish, missionary bishop in Bavaria, c. 686)

     St. Eugenian of Autun (French, bishop, martyred by Arian heretics in 4th Century)

     Bl. Eurosia Fabris of Quinto Vicentino [nicknames: Rosina, Mamma Rosa] (Italian, farmgirl, dressmaker, wife and mother of nine [three priests], foster mother of many more, widow, Franciscan  tertiary, died at age 65 in 1932 [beatified 2005])

     St. Frodobert of Moutier-la-Celle (French, Benedictine  abbot, c. 673)

     St. Garibaldus of Ratisbon (Bavarian, monk, bishop, c. 762)

     St. Gudula of Brussels (Belgian, single laywoman of the nobility, d. 712)

     Sts. Lucian, Maximian, and Julian, of Rome (Italian, missionaries [priest and disciples] in France, martyred c. 290)

     St. Maximus of Pavia (Italian, bishop, d. 511)

     St. Patiens of Metz (French, bishop, 2nd Century)

     St. Pega of Mercia (British, hermitess, c. 719)

     St. Severinus of Noricum (hermit in Egypt, travelling preacher and healer in central Europe, died in Austria in 482)

     St. Severinus of Septempeda (Italian, early bishop of Naples)

     Sts. Theophilus and Helladius (North African, early deacon and layman, tortured and martyred [in a furnace])

     St. Thorfinn of Trondheim (Norwegian, bishop of Hamar, d. 1285)

     Bl. Titus Zeman of Vajnory (Slovak, Salesian  priest, fought Communists for Catholics' religious rights, martyred [ill treatment in prison] at age 54 in 1969 [beatified 2017])

     St. Wulsin of Sherborne (British, Benedictine  abbot of Westminster, bishop, d. 1005)

  [From the 2nd-Century bishop, St. Appolinaris:]

     "We therefore grossly deceive ourselves in not allotting more time to the study of divine truths. It is not enough barely to believe them, and let our thoughts now and then glance upon them. That knowledge which shows us heaven, will not bring us to the possession of it, and will deserve punishments, not rewards, if it remain slight, weak, and superficial. By serious and frequent meditation it must be concocted, digested, and turned into the nourishment of our affections, before it can be powerful and operative enough to change them, and produce the necessary fruit in our lives. For this all the saints affected solitude and retreats from the noise and hurry of the world, as much as their circumstances allowed them."



On January 9, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Adrian of Canterbury (African, Benedictine  abbot in Italy and England, teacher, died at about age 75 in 710 [incorrupt])

     Sts. Anthony, Julian, Basilissa, Anastasius, Celsus, Marcionilla, and seven companions, of Antioch (Syrian, priest and laity, martyred c. 304)

     St. Berhtwald of Canterbury (British, Benedictine  abbot, archbishop, d. 731)

     Bl. Casimir Grelewski of Dwikozy [Kazimierz] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 37 in 1942 [beatified 1999])

     Sts. Epictetus, Jucundus, Secundus, Vitalis, Felix, and seven companions (African, martyred c. 250)

     Bl. Pope Gregory X Visconti of Piacenza [Gregorio] [baptized Teobaldo (Theobald)] (Italian, deacon in France, accompanied crusaders to Palestine, elected to papacy in 1271, reigned until death at about age 61 in 1276 [beatified 1713])

     St. Honorius of Buzancais (French, livestock dealer, married man, martyred in 1250 [canonized 1444])

     Bl. Joseph Pawlowski of Proszowice [Józef] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 51 in 1942 [beatified 1999])

     St. Marcellinus of Ancona (Italian, bishop, c. 566)

     St. Marciana of Caesarea (Mauritanian, virgin, martyred [gored by a bull in amphitheater] c. 303)

     St. Maurontius of Anjou (French, Benedictine  abbot, c. 700)

     St. Paschasia of Dijon (French, virgin, martyred c. 178)

     Bl. Pauline Mary Jaricot of Lyon [Pauline-Marie] (French, single laywoman, founded Society for the Propagation of the Faith  and Living Rosary Association, died at age 62 in 1862 [beatified 2022])

     St. Peter of Caesarea (Cappadocian [from what is now part of Turkey], son of two saints, brother of St. Basil the Great and other saints, abbot, bishop of Sebastea, fought Arianism, died at about age 51 c. 391)

     St. Philip Berruyer of Bourges [Philippe] (French, archbishop, d. 1260)

     Bl. Thomas Reggio of Genoa [Tommaso] (Italian, seminary rector, bishop of Ventimiglia, archbishop of Genoa, founder of Sisters of St. Martha, built orphanages, sought justice for laborers, died at age 83 in 1901 [beatified 2000])

     Sts. Vitalicus, Revocatus, and Fortunatus, of Smyrna (Greek, bishop and deacons, early martyrs)

     St. Waningus of Fécamp (French, Benedictine  abbot, c. 686)


On January 10, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Pope St. Agatho of Palermo (Sicilian, married man, monk, elected to papacy in 678, reigned until death in 681)

     Bl. Ann of the Angels Monteagudo of Arequipa [Ana de los Angeles] (Peruvian, Dominican  prioress, died at about age 83 in 1686 [beatified 1985])

     Bl. Benincasa of Cava (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, d. 1194 [beatified 1928])

     St. Dermot of Inchcleraun [Diarmuid] (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

     St. John Camillus the Good of Milan (Italian, bishop, c. 660)

     Bl. Mamerto of the Ascension Esquiú Medina of San José de Piedra Blanca [Mamerto de la Ascensión] (Argentinian, Franciscan  priest, schoolteacher, bishop of Córdoba, died at age 56 in 1883 [beatified 2021])

     St. Marcian of Constantinople (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], priest, c. 480)

     Bl. Mary of Sorrows Rodriguez Sopeña y Ortega of Vélez Rubio [María Dolores] (Spanish, virgin, founded catechetical institute, died at age 69 in 1918 [beatified 2003])

     Bl. Mary of the Conception de Batz de Trenquelléon of Feugarolles [Marie de la Conception] [baptized Adèle] (French, virgin, co-founded Marianist Sisters, died at age 38 in 1828 [beatified 2018])

     St. Nicanor of Jerusalem (Israelite, one of seven original deacons [Acts 6:5], missionary, martyred on Cyprus c. 76)

     St. Peter Orseolo of Rivo Alto (Italian, Venetian doge, Benedictine  monk, hermit, died at about age 58 in 987 [canonized 1731])

     St. Petronius of Avignon (French, monk, bishop of Die, c. 463)

     St. Thomian of Armagh (Irish, archbishop, c. 660)

     St. William de Donjeon of Nevers [Guillaume] (French, Cistercian  abbot, bishop of Bourges, miracle-worker, d. 1209 [canonized 1217])


On January 11, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Alexander of Fermo (Italian, bishop, martyred c. 250)

     St. Anastasius of Castel Sant'Elia (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, c. 570)

     Bl. Ann Mary Janer Anglarill of Cervera [Ana María] (Spanish, virgin, founded Sisters of the Holy Family of Urgell, died at age 84 in 1885 [beatified 2011])

     St. Boadin (Irish, Benedictine  hermit in France)

     St. Brandan (Irish, abbot in France)

     Sts. Ethenea and Fidelmia of Connaught (Irish, princesses, disciples of St. Patrick, d. 433)

     St. Frances de Sales Aviat of Sezanne [Françoise de Sales] [baptized Leonie] ["God's Little Instrument"] (French, co-foundress and superior of Sister Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales, exiled from France, died in Italy at age 69 in 1914 [beatified 1992, canonized 2001])

     Bl. Francis Rogaczewski of Lipinki [Franciszek] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Stutthof [Germany] at age 37 in 1940 [beatified 1999])

     St. Honorata of Pavia (Italian, nun, c. 500)

     Pope St. Hyginus (Greek, elected to papacy in 138, reigned until death [presumably martyred] in 142)

     St. Leucius of Brindisi (Egyptian, bishop in Italy, c. 180)

     St. Palaemon of Tabennisi (Egyptian, spiritual father of St. Pachomius among earliest desert hermits, d. 325)

     Sts. Paldo, Taso, and Tato, of Benevento (Italian, biological brothers, Benedictine  abbots [succeeding each other], died c. 720, 729, 739)

     Sts. Peter, Severus, and Leucius, of Alexandria (Egyptian, martyred c. 309)

     St. Salvius of Amiens (French, bishop, c. 625)

     St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch of Garissus (Cappadocian [from what is now part of Turkey], hermit in Palestine, abbot, died at age 105 in 529)

     St. Vitalis of Gaza (Egyptian, hermit, missionary to prostitutes of Alexandria, c. 625)

     Bl. William Carter of London (English, married layman, printer's apprentice, tortured and martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Elizabeth I in 1584 [beatified 1987])


On January 12, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Aelred of Rievaulx (English, nobleman, Cistercian  abbot, spiritual writer, died at about age 58 in 1167) [On English "particular calendar" for today, but commemorated by some on February 3]

     St. Anthony Mary Pucci of Poggione de Vernio [Antonio Maria] [baptized Eustacchio (Eustace)] ["Il Curatino"] (Italian, peasant, Servite  parish priest, died at age 73 in 1892 [beatified 1952, canonized 1962])

     St. Arcadius of Caesarea (Mauritanian, tortured and martyred [limbs chopped off] c. 302)

     St. Benedict Biscop of Northumbria (British, nobleman, Benedictine  abbot, died at about age 61 c. 690)

     St. Bernard Latini of Corleone [Bernardo] [baptized Filippo (Philip)] (Sicilian, shoemaker, swordsman and duelist, Capuchin  brother, died at age 61 in 1667 [beatified 1768, canonized 2001]) [commemorated by some on the 19th]

     St. Caesaria of Arles (French, sister of St. Caesarius, abbess, c. 530)

     Holy Martyrs of Ephesus (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], forty-two monks, opposed iconoclasts, martyred c. 762)

     Holy Marytrs of Iona (Irish, thirty-eight monks, martyred in 750)

     St. John of Ravenna (Italian, bishop, d. 494)

     Bl. John Caspar Kratz of Duren [Johann Kaspar], Bl. Emmanuel d'Abreu of Arouca, Bl. Bartholomew Alvarez of Braganza [Bartholomé], and Bl. Vincent da Cunha [Vincente] (one German and three Portuguese, Jesuit  missionaries, martyred by beheading in Vietnam in 1737) [d'Abreu was about age 29]

     St. Margaret Bourgeoys of Troyes [Marguerite] (French, teacher, foundress and superior of Congregation of Notre Dame, died in Canada at age 79 in 1700 [beatified 1950, canonized 1982]) [Memorial on Canadian "particular calendar" today, but commemorated by some on the 19th]

     St. Martin of León (Spanish, Augustinian  priest, died at about age 73 in 1203)

     Bl. Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung of Sampran (Thai, priest, martyred at age 48 in 1944 [beatified 2000])

     St. Probus of Verona (Italian, bishop, d. 591)

     St. Satyrus (Arab, martyred in 267)

     St. Tatiana (Roman, martyred [thrown to beasts in amphitheater] c. 230)

     Sts. Tigirius and Eutropius of Constantinople (from Asia Minor, priest and lector, tortured, c. 404)

     St. Victorian of Asan (Italian, abbot, died in Spain c. 560)

     Sts. Zoticus, Rogatus, Modestus, Castulus, and companions (African, at least forty soldiers, martyred)


On January 13, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Hilary of Poitiers ["Doctor of the Divinity of Christ"] (French, converted pagan, married man and father, bishop, theologian, opponent of Arianism, Doctor of the Church, died at about age 53 in 368)

     St. Agrecius
of Trier (French, bishop, c. 333)

     St. Andrew of Trier (French, bishop, d. 235)

     St. Berno of Cluny (French, Benedictine  abbot, died at about age 77 in 927)

     St. Elian (Cornish or Breton, hermit, 6th Century)

     St. Elian ap Erbin (Welsh, 5th Century)

     Bl. Emil Szramek of Tworkow (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 54 in 1942 [beatified 1999])

     St. Enogatus of Aleth (French, bishop, d. 631)

     Bl. Francis Mary Greco of Acri [Francesco Maria] (Italian, priest, died at age 73 in 1931 [beatified 2016])

     St. Glaphyra (slave of emperor's wife, virgin, c. 324)

     Bl. Godfrey of Cappenberg [Gottfried von Cappenberg] (German, count, Norbertine seminarian, died at about age 29 in 1127)

     Sts. Gumersindus and Servusdei of Cordova (Spanish, parish priest and monk, martyred by Moslems in 850)

     Sts. Hermylus and Stratonicus of Singidunum (Serbian, deacon and servant, martyred by drowning in 315)

     Bl. Hildemar of Arrouaise (German, court chaplain to William the Conqueror, Augustinian  hermit in France, martyred c. 1097)

     Bl. Ida of Argensolles (French, Cistercian  abbess, d. 1226)

     Bl. Ivetta of Huy [Jutta] (Dutch, mother of three, widow at age 18, mystic, nurse of lepers, died at about age 69 in 1228)

     St. Kentigern of Glasgow ["Mungo"] (Scottish, bishop of Strathclyde, died at about age 84 c. 603) [Memorial on Scottish "particular calendar"]

     St. Leontius of Caesarea (Cappadocian [from what is now part of Turkey], bishop, d. 337)

     St. Potitus of Naples (Italian, boy, martyr)

     Holy Soldiers Martyred at Rome (forty men, d. 262)

     Bl. Stephen of Liège [Etienne] (French, Benedictine  abbot, d. 1061)

     Bl. Veronica of Binasco (Italian, peasant farmer, mystic, Augustinian  nun, visionary, beggar of alms, died at about age 51 in 1497 [beatified 1517])

     St. Viventius of Samaria (Palestinian, priest, hermit, c. 400)


On January 14, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Bl. Amadeus of Clermont (French, nobleman, Cistercian  monk, c. 1150)

     St. Datius of Milan (Italian, bishop, d. 552)

     St. Euphrasius (African, bishop)

     St. Felix of Nola (Italian, priest, tortured, helped by an angel to escape, d. 260)

     St. Felix of Rome (Italian, priest)

     Sts. Isaias, Sabas, and thirty-six companions, of Mt. Sinai (monks, martyred by pagan Arabs in 309)

     St. Lazarus Pillai of Kanyakumari [Christian name in Tamil: Devasahayam] [pre-Christian name: Nilakandan] (Asian Indian, layman of Nair caste, palace official, convert from Hinduism, tortured for three years, martyred by Hindu king at age 39 in 1752 [beatified 2012, canonized 2022])

     St. Macrina the Elder of Neocaesarea (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], widow, mother of one saint and grandmother of four [including St. Basil the Great], c. 340)

     Bl. Odo of Novara (Italian, Carthusian  prior in Croatia, chaplain to convent in Italy, died at about age 95 in 1200 [beatified 1859]) [commemorated by his order on October 13]

     Bl. Odoric Mattiuzzi of Villanova [Odorico] [also known as Odoric of Pordenone] (Italian, Franciscan  hermit, missionary [in China, Tibet, Indonesia, Ceylon, Iraq], died at about age 46 in 1331 [beatified 1775])

     Bl. Peter Donders of Tilburg [Pietje] (Dutch, missionary priest in South America, joined Redemptorists at age 57, died in Surinam at age 77 in 1887 [beatified 1982])


     Holy Martyrs of Raithu (Egyptian, hermits, martyred c. 510)

     Bl. Roger of Todi [Ruggiero] (Italian, Franciscan  priest, spiritual director of a Poor Clare convent, d. 1237)

     Sts. Simeon Barsabbae, Shahdost, Barbashmin, and sixteen companions, of Seleucia-Ctesiphon (Persian, three bishops and others, tortured and martyred between 341 and 346)


On January 15, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Alexander of Gomon (abbot, c. 440)

     St. Arnold Janssen of Goch (German, priest, teacher, convent chaplain, journal editor, founder of missionary Society of the Divine Word [SVD], founder of Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, co-founder of contemplative Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration ["Pink Sisters"], died at about age 71 in 1909 [beatified 1975, canonized 2003])

     St. Blaithmaic of Iona (Irish, abbot, missionary in Britain, martyred in 823)

     St. Bonet of Auvergne (French, king's chancellor, bishop of Clermont, Benedictine  monk after retirement, died at about age 87 c. 710)

     Sts. Britta and Maura (martyred in 4th Century)

     St. Ceolwulf of Lindisfarne (Northumbrian [British], king, abdicated to become Benedictine  monk, c. 764)

     St. Emebert of Cambrai (Belgian, bishop, brother of two saints, c. 710)

     St. Ephysius of Sardinia (Italian, martyred c. 303)

     St. Francis Fernández de Capillas of Baquerín de Campos [Francisco] ["Proto-martyr of China"] (Spanish, Dominican  missionary priest in Philippines, first Christian martyr in China, tortured and martyred [beheaded] at age 41 in 1648 [beatified 1909, canonized 2000])

     Sts. Gwrnerth and Llewellyn (Welsh, monks, 6th Century)

     St. Isidore of Alexandria (Egyptian, priest, persecuted by Arians, d. 404)

     St. Ita of Limerick [baptized Deirdre] (Irish, nun, c. 570) [On Irish "particular calendar"]

     St. Jeffrey of Peronne [Geoffroi] (French, Cistercian  prior, d. 1147)

     St. John Calybites of Constantinople ["kalabytes" means "hut-dweller"] (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], hermit, c. 450)

     St. Lleudadd of Bardsey (Welsh, abbot, 6th Century)

     St. Macarius the Elder of Alexandria (Egyptian, cattle herder, hermit priest, died at about age 90 c. 390)

     St. Malard of Chartres (French, bishop, c. 650)

     Sts. Maurus and Placid of Rome (Italian, disciples of St. Benedict of Nursia, Benedictine  abbot and monk, 6th Century)

     St. Maximus of Nola (Italian, bishop, c. 250)

     St. Paul of Thebes (Egyptian, desert hermit, died at about age 111 in 342)

     Bl. Peter of Castelnau [Pierre] (French, Cistercian  priest, papal legate, inquisitor of Albigensians, martyred [lanced] by heretic in 1208)

     St. Sawl (Welsh, chieftain, 6th Century)

     St. Secundina of Rome (Italian, virgin, martyred c. 250)

     St. Tarsicia of Rodez (French, hermitess, c. 600)

     Bl. Valentine Palencia Marquina and Companions (Spanish, five men [one priest, four laymen], martyred during Civil War in 1937 [beatified 2016])

----- Bl. Donato Rodríguez García of Santa Olalla de Valdivielso (layman, died at age 25)

----- Bl. Emil Huidobro Corrales of Villaescusa del Butrón [Emilio] (layman, died at age 19)

----- Bl. Herman García y García of Villanueva de Argaño [Germán] (layman, died at age 24)

----- Bl. Valentine Palencia Marquina of Burgos [Valentin] (priest, died at age 65)

----- Bl. Zachary Cuesta Campo of Villasidro [Zacarías] (layman, died at age 20)

  [From St. Macarius the Elder:]

     "Receive from the hand of God poverty as cheerfully as riches, hunger and want as plenty, and you will conquer the devil and subdue all your passions."



On January 16, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Sts. Berard of Carbio, Peter, Otto, Accursius, and Adjutus ["First Franciscan Martyrs"] (Italian, Franciscan, three priests and two brothers, missionaries sent by St. Francis to evangelize Spain/Portugal/North Africa, tortured and martyred by Moslems in Morocco in 1220 [canonized 1481])
  [About the First Franciscan Martyrs ...
They were scourged until their ribs were visible.
Then they had boiled oil and vinegar poured into the wounds.
Then their bodies were rolled on sharp stones and pottery fragments.
Then their heads were split in two by a sword.
Their relics were ransomed and are now in the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Coimbra, Portugal.]

     Bl. Conrad of Mondsee (German, Benedictine  abbot, martyred at about age 45 in Austria in 1145)

     St. Dunchaid O'Braoin of Clonmacnoise (Irish, hermit, abbot, d. 988)

     St. Ferreolus of Grenoble (French, bishop, martyred c. 670 [beatified 1907])

     St. Fulgentius of Ecija (Spanish, bishop, brother of three saints, c. 633)

     St. Fursa of Lagny [also called "Fursey"] (Irish, Benedictine  abbot in France, visionary, died at about age 81 c. 648 [incorruptible]) [On Irish "particular calendar"]

     Sts. Fusca and Maura of Ravenna (Italian, young girl and her nurse, martyred in 250)

     Bl. Gonzalo Pereira of Amarante [Gonçalo] (Portuguese, Dominican  priest, hermit, died at about age 71 in 1259 [beatified 1560])

     St. Henry of Cocket Island [Henrik] (Danish, Benedictine  hermit, died on an English island in 1127)

     St. Honoratus of Trier (French, abbot, archbishop of Arles, d. 429)

     St. Honoratus of Fondi (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, 6th Century)

     St. James of Tarentaise ["Apostle of Savoy"] (French, monk, missionary, bishop, c. 429)

     Bl. Jane of Bagno [Giovanna] (Italian, Camaldolese  nun, d. 1105 [beatified 1823])

     Bl. Joan Mary Condesa Lluch of Valencia [Juana María] (Spanish, founded Congregation of the Handmaids of Mary Immaculate, died at age 53 in 1916 [beatified 2003])

     Bl. Joseph Tovini of Cividate Camuno [Giuseppe] (Italian, married man, father of ten, local politician, Franciscan  tertiary, died at about age 66 in 1897 [beatified 1998])

     St. Joseph Vaz of Benaulim ["Apostle of Sri Lanka"] (Asian Indian, priest, missionary to Ceylon [now called Sri Lanka], died at age 59 in 1711 [beatified 1995, canonized 2015])

     St. Liberata of Pavia (Italian, nun, 5th Century)

     Bl. Louis Anthony Ormières of Quillan [Louis-Antoine] (French, diocesan priest, founded Sisters of the Guardian Angel, died in Spain at age 80 in 1890 [beatified 2017])

     Pope St. Marcellus I of Rome (Italian, elected to papacy in 308, reigned until death in 309)

     St. Melas of Rhinocolura (Egyptian, bishop, tortured by Arian heretics, c. 385)

     St. Priscilla of Rome (Italian, widow, provided lodgings to Pope St. Peter, 1st Century)

     St. Tatian of Opitergium (Italian, bishop, d. 650)

     St. Triverius of Neustria (French, hermit, c. 550)

     St. Valerius of Sorrento (Italian, hermit, bishop, c. 453)


On January 17, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Anthony the Abbot of Koman (Egyptian, desert hermit from age 35, spiritual father of many, sometimes called founder of Christian monasticism, died at age 104 in 356)

     Sts. Achillas and Amoes ["Flowers of the Desert"] (Egyptian, hermits, 4th Century)

     Sts. Anthony, Merulus, and John, of Rome (Italian, Benedictine  monks, martyred c. 590)

     Sts. Genulfus of Cahors and Genitus of Celle-sur-Naton (French, early hermits or monks)

     Bl. Joseph of Freising (Bavarian, Benedictine  monk, bishop, d. 764)

     St. Julian Sabas the Elder of Mt. Sinai (Mesopotamian [from what is now part of Iraq], hermit, d. 377)

     St. Mildgytha of Mercia (British, princess, Benedictine  abbess, daughter of one saint and sister of two, d. 676)

     St. Nennius of Clonard (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

     St. Pior (Egyptian, hermit, disciple of St. Anthony, c. 395)

     St. Richimir (French, Benedictine  abbot, c. 715)

     St. Sabinus of Piacenza (Italian, papal legate, bishop, d. 420)

     Sts. Speusippus, Eleusippus, Meleusippus, and Leonilla, of Cappadocia (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], family members, martyred in 175)

     St. Sulpicius of Berry [Sulpice] [nicknames: "le Debonnaire" and "le Pieux" (the Pious)] (French, army chaplain, bishop of Bourges, d. 647)

     Bl. Terrence Olivelli of Como [Teresio] (Italian, university graduate in law, volunteer fighter in Spanish Civil War, soldier during World War II, journalist and member of Italian Resistance movement to Fascism and Naziism, martyred [kicked and beaten in Hersbruck, Germany] at age 29 in 1945 [beatified 2018])



On January 18, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Sts. Archelais, Thecla, and Susanna, of Romagna (Italian, virgins, tortured and martyred by beheading in 293)

     Bl. Beatrice of Este (Italian, niece of another Bl. Beatrice of Este, foundress of a convent, died at about age 32 in 1262 [beatified 1774])

     Bl. Christine Ciccarelli of Luco [Cristina] [baptized Matthia] (Italian, prioress of Augustinian  hermits, healer, visionary, died at age 61 in 1543 [beatified 1841])

     St. Day (Cornish? abbot)

     St. Deicolus of Leinster (Irish, hermit, abbot in France, died at about age 95 c. 625)

     St. Diarmis (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

     Sts. Faustina and Liberata of Como (Italian, biological sisters, foundresses of a convent, d. 580)

     St. Fazzio of Verona (Italian, goldsmith, founder of charitable society, died at about age 82 in 1272)

     St. James Hilary Barbel Cosán of Enviny [Jaime Hilario] [baptized Manuel (Emmanuel)] (Spanish, member of Brothers of the Christian Schools [LaSalle Brothers] teacher, catechist, went deaf, gardener, martyred at age 39 by firing squad in 1937 [beatified 1990, canonized 1999])

     St. Leobard of Tours (French, hermit, d. 593)

     St. Margaret of Budapest [Margit] (Hungarian, princess, in Dominican convent from age 3, nun, mystic, miracle worker, died at about age 27 in 1270 [beatified 1789, canonized 1943]) [commemorated by some on January 26]

     Bl. Maria Teresa Fasce of Torriglia [baptized Maria Giovanna (Mary Joan)] (Italian, Augustinian  nun, died at about age 66 in 1947 [beatified 1997])

     Sts. Moseus and Ammonius (soldiers, martyred in Bithynia [part of what is now Turkey] by burning in 250)

     Sts. Paul, Recombus, Theonas, Papias, and thirty-two companions (Egyptian, noblemen, missionaries, martyred by burning/beheading/crucifixion)

     St. Prisca of Rome (Italian, virgin, early martyr)

     Blessed Marytrs of Quiché (Spanish [3] and Guatemalan [7] ... three missionary priests and seven laymen ... martyred (shot) during a civil war in Guatemala between 1980 and 1992 [beatified 2021]) [The martyrs' names follow:]

-- [Priests of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart:]

----- Bl. Faustino Villanueva Villanueva of Yesa (Spanish, died at age 49)

----- Bl. John Alphonse Fernández of Cuérigo [Juan Alonso] (Spanish, died at age 47)

----- Bl. Joseph Mary Gran Cirera of Barcelona [José María] (Spanish, died at age 34)

-- [Laymen:]

----- Bl. Dominic del Barrio Batz of Ilom [Domingo] (Guatemalan, died at age 29)

----- Bl. John Barrera Méndez of El Tablón [Juan] (Guatemalan, child, died at age 12)

----- Bl. Michael Tiu Imul of La Montaña [Miguel] (Guatemalan, died at age 50)

----- Bl. Nicholas Tum Castro Quiatan of Cholá [Nicolás] (Guatemalan, died at about age 35)

----- Bl. Kings Us Hernández of Macalajau [Reyes] (Guatemalan, died at about age 41)

----- Bl. Rosalio Benito Ixchop of La Puerta (Guatemalan, died at age 67)

----- Bl. Thomas Ramírez Caba of Chajul [Tomás] (Guatemalan, married man, died at age 45)

     Bl. Regina Protmann of Braniewo (Polish/German, founded Congregation of the Sisters of St. Catherine, died at about age 60 in 1613 [beatified 1999])

     St. Ulfrid [or Wolfred] (British, missionary in Germany and Sweden, martyred by pagans in 1029)

     St. Volusian of Tours (French, bishop, d. 496)

  [From Bl. James Hilary Barbel Cosán, one of over 95 LaSalle Brothers murdered during the Spanish Civil War:]

    God be blessed! I'll pray for all of you in heaven. What more could I desire than to die for no other crime but that of being a religious and for having made my contribution to the Christian education of children?  Dear father and family, I have been judged and condemned to death. I accept the sentence with joy.



On January 19, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Albert of Cashel (British, 7th Century)

     Bl. Andrew Grego of Peschiera [Andrea] (Italian, Dominican  friar, missionary, miracle worker, died at about age 85 in 1485 [beatified 1820])

     Bl. Anthony Fatati of Ancona [Antonio] (Italian, bishop, d. 1484)

     St. Arcontius of Viviers (French, bishop, martyred c. 9th Century)

     St. Arsenius of Constantinople (Turkish, convert from Judaism, bishop of Corfu, died in Greece in about 959)

     St. Bassian of Lodi (Sicilian, bishop, d. 413)

     Bl. Beatrice of Lens [Beatrix] (French, Cistercian  nun, c. 1216)

     St. Blaithmaic of Iona (Irish, abbot, martyred [hacked to pieces] by pagan Danes in England c. 823)

     St. Branwallader of Jersey (Irish or Welsh, monk, bishop, 6th Century?)

     King St. Canute IV [Knud] (Danish, monarch, supporter of missionaries to the Danes, died at about age 46 in 1086 [canonized 1101])

     St. Catellus of Castellamare (Italian, bishop, 9th Century)

     St. Contestus of Bayeux (French, bishop, c. 510)

     St. Fillan of Pittenweem (Irish, monk, hermit, abbot, c. 777)

     St. Firminus of Gabales (French, bishop)

     St. Germanicus of Smyrna (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], youth, martyred [thrown to beasts] in 156)

     St. Henry of Uppsala (English, missionary in Scandinavia, bishop, martyred [by axe] in Finland c. 1156 [canonized 1158])

     Bl. Joseph Nascimbeni of Torri di Benaco [Giuseppe] (Italian, parish priest, founded Little Sisters of the Holy Family, died at age 70 in 1922 [beatified 1988])

     St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar of Korczyna [Józef] (Polish, bishop of Przemysl, died at age 82 in 1924 [beatified 1991, canonized 2003]) [commemorated by some on March 28]

     St. Lomer of Corbion (French, shepherd, hermit, abbot, d. 593)

     Bl. Marcellus Spinola y Maestre of Madrid [Marcelo] (Spanish, cardinal archbishop of Seville, died at age 71 in 1906 [beatified 1987])

     Sts. Marius, Martha, Abachum, and Audifax (Persian, parents and two children, tortured and martyred [father and sons beheaded, mother drowned] on pilgrimage in Rome c. 270)

     St. Nathalan of Aberdeen (Scottish, bishop of Tullicht, d. 678)

     Sts. Paul, Gerontius, Januarius, Saturninus, Successus, Julius, Catus, Pia, and Germana (North African, martyred in 2nd Century)

     St. Pontian of Spoleto (Italian, martyred in 169)

     St. Remigius of Rouen (French, archbishop, c. 772)

     St. Thomas Placidi of Cori [Tommaso] [baptized Francesco Antonio (Francis Anthony)] (Italian, shepherd, Franciscan  priest, died at age 73 in 1729 [beatified 1786, canonized 1999]) [commemorated by some on January 11]

     St. Wulstan of Worcester (English, Benedictine  prior, bishop for 32 years, died at about age 86 in 1095 [canonized 1203]) [On English "particular calendar"]


On January 20, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     Pope St. Fabian (Italian, layman elected to papacy in 236, reigned until martyrdom [by beheading?] in 250)

     St. Sebastian of Narbonne (Roman born in France, soldier, martyred [beaten by clubs] in Rome c. 290)

     Bl. Angel Paoli of Argigliano [Angelo] [baptized Francesco (Francis)] ["Father Charity"] (Italian, Carmelite  priest, died at age 77 in 1720 [beatified 2010])


     Bl. Basil Anthony Mary Moreau of Laigné-en-Belin [Basil-Antoine-Marie] (French, Sulpician  priest, seminary professor, preacher of missions, founded Congregation of Holy Cross [for men] and Marianites of Holy Cross [for women], died at age 73 in 1873 [beatified 2007])

     Bl. Benedict Ricasoli of Coltiboni [Benedetto] (Italian, Benedictine  monk, hermit, died at about age 67 in 1107 [beatified 1907])

     Bl. Cyprian Tansi of Igboezum [pre-Christian name: Iwemma-duegbunam ("Let human malice not kill me")] [baptized Michael Iwene] (Nigerian, teacher, parish priest, later a member of Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance [Trappists] in England, died at age 60 in 1964 [beatified 1998]) [One of his parishioners became Cardinal Francis Arinze.]

     Bl. Daniel of Cambron (French, Cistercian  abbot, d. 1232)

     Bl. Desiderius of Thérouanne [Didier] (French, bishop, d. 1194)

     St. Eustochia Calafato-Colonna of Santissima Annunziata [baptized Smerelda (Emerald)] (Sicilian, noblewoman, Poor Clare  abbess, born on Good Friday, died at age 56 in 1491 [incorrupt] [beatified 1782, canonized 1988]) [commemorated by some on January 19]

     St. Euthymius the Great of Melitine (Armenian, hermit, abbot, patriarch (bishop) of Jerusalem, battled Monophysitism, died at about age 94 in Palestine in 473)

     St. Fechin of Fobhar (Irish, abbot, c. 665)

     Bl. John Baptist Triquerie of Laval [Jean-Baptiste] (French, Franciscan  priest, martyred at about age 65 by revolutionaries in 1794 [beatified 1955])

     St. Mary Christine of the Immaculate Conception Brando of Naples [Maria Cristina dell'Immacolata Concezione] [baptized Adelaide] (Italian, virgin, founded Congregation of Sisters, Expiatory Victims of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, died at age 49 in 1906 [beatified 2003, canonized 2014])

     St. Maurus of Rome (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, bishop of Cesena, d. 946)

     St. Molagga of Fermoy (Irish, abbot, c. 664)

     St. Neophytus of Nicaea (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], adolescent, martyred in 310)


On January 21, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Agnes of Rome (Italian, adolescent virgin, tortured and martyred in 254 or 304)

     St. Alban Roe
of Bury Saint Edmunds [baptized Bartholomew] (English, Benedictine  priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Charles I at about age 62 in 1642 [beatified 1929, canonized 1970])

     Bl. Anthony Swiadek of Pobiedziska [Antoni] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 35 in 1945 [beatified 1999])

     St. Brigid of Kilbride (Irish, virgin, 6th Century)

     Bl. Edward Stransham of Oxford (English, priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Elizabeth I in 1586 [beatified 1929])

     St. Epiphanius of Pavia (Italian, bishop, champion of the poor, miracle worker, died at about age 57 in 496)

     Sts. Fructuosus, Augurius, and Eulogius, of Tarragona (Spanish, bishop and deacons, martyred by burning in 259)

     Bl. Josepha Mary of St. Agnes Albiñana of Beniganim [Josefa María de Santa Inés] [baptized Inés (Agnes)] (Spanish, discalced Augustinian  hermitess, died at about age 70 in 1696 [beatified 1888])

     St. Lawdog (Welsh, 6th Century)

     St. Maccallin of Waulsort (Irish, Benedictine  hermit, abbot, d. 978)

     St. Meinrad of Einsiedeln (German, Benedictine  hermit, died in Switzerland in 861)

     Bl. Nicholas Woodfen of Leominster [alias Wheeler] (English, priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Elizabeth I at about age 36 in 1586 [beatified 1987])

     St. Patroclus of Troyes (French, martyred by beheading c. 279)

     St. Publius (Maltese, prominent man known to St. Paul [Acts 28:7-10], bishop, martyred c. 112) [Memorial on Maltese "particular calendar" for January 22]

     Bl. Thomas Green of Oxford [alias Reynolds] (English, diocesan priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Charles I at about age 80 in 1642 [beatified 1929])

     St. Vimin of Holywood (Scottish, bishop, 6th Century)


On January 22, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Vincent of Zaragoza (Spanish, deacon, tortured and martyred in 304)

     St. Anastasius [pre-Christian name: Magundat] (Persian, soldier, monk, martyred by strangling in 628)

     St. Blaesilla of Rome (Italian, widow, disciple of St. Jerome, died at about age 20 in 383)

     St. Brithwold of Sarum (British, Benedictine  monk, bishop of Ramsbury for fifty years, d. 1045)

     St. Dominic of Sora [Domenico] (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, died at about age 80 in 1031)

     Sts. Francis Gil de Federich of Tortosa [Francisco] and Matthew Alphonse Leciniana of Navas del Rey [Mateo Alonso] (Spanish, Dominican  priests, missionaries in Philippines, martyred [both at about age 42] by beheading in Vietnam in 1744 and 1745 [beatified 1906, canonized 1988])

     St. Gaudentius of Novara (Italian, bishop, c. 418)

     Bl. Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann of Dunakiliti [László] (Hungarian, layman, husband and father, died at about age 60 in Austria in 1931 [beatified 2003])

     Bl. Laura Vicuña of Santiago (Chilean, virgin, died in Argentina at age 12 [illness and abuse] in 1904 [beatified 1988])

     St. Valerius of Zaragoza (Spanish, bishop, d. 315)

     St. Vincent Pallotti of Rome [Vincenzo] (Italian, priest, teacher, exorcist, healer, founder of Society of Catholic Apostolate [Pallottines], died at age 54 in 1850 [beatified 1950, canonized 1963])

     St. Vincent of Digne (African, bishop in France, d. 380)

     Sts. Vincent, Orontius, and Victor, of Cimiez (French, two brothers and companion, preachers, martyred in 305)

     Bl. Walter of Himmerode [Gautier] (Belgian, crusading knight, Cistercian  priest, d. 1222)

     Bl. William Joseph Chaminade of Perigeux [Guillaume-Joseph] (French, 14th of 15 children, priest, university teacher, chaplain, co-founder of Daughters of Mary Immaculate and Society of Mary [Marianists], died at age 88 in 1850 [beatified 2000])

     Bl. William Patenson of Durham (English, priest, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] under Elizabeth I in 1592 [beatified 1929])


[A motto of St. Vincent Pallotti:]

     Not the goods of the world, but God.

     Not riches, but God.

     Not honors, but God.

     Not distinction, but God.

     Not dignities, but God.

     Not advancement, but God.

     God always and in everything.


[In the United States of America, January 22, as the anniversary of the disastrous "Roe v. Wade" Supreme Court decision decriminalizing abortion, is "a day of penance [violet vestments] for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life" (quoting the GIRM).]



On January 23, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     Sts. Agathangelus of Rome and Clement of Ancyra (Italian and Galatian [from what is now part of Turkey], deacon and bishop, martyred c. 309)

     St. Amasius of Teano (Greek, bishop in Italy, d. 356)

     St. Asclas of Antinoe (Egyptian, martyred by drowning c. 287)

     Bl. Benedetta Bianchi Porro of Dovadola (Italian, laywoman, died at age 27 in 1964 [beatified 2019])

     Bl. Bernard of Lyonnais (French, nobleman, army officer of Charlemagne, Benedictine  abbot, archbishop of Vienne, died at about age 63 in 842 [beatified 1907])

     Bl. Bernard of Lippe [Bernhard] (German, Cistercian  abbot, bishop of Semgallen, d. 1217)

     St. Colman of Lismore (Irish, bishop, c. 702)

     St. Emerentiana of Rome (Italian, catechumen who received "baptism of blood," foster-sister of St. Agnes, virgin, martyred by stoning [for praying at Agnes's tomb] c. 304)

     St. Eusebius of Mount Coryphe (Syrian, hermit, 4th Century)

     St. Ildephonsus of Toledo (Spanish, nobleman, abbot, archbishop, Marian writer, died at about age 60 in 667)

     St. John the Almsgiver of Arnathus (Cypriot, patriarch [bishop] of Alexandria, died at about age 66 c. 619)

     St. Lufthildis of Cologne (German, hermitess, c. 850)

     St. Maimbod (Irish, pilgrim, missionary, died in France c. 880)

     St. Marianne Cope of Heppenheim [baptized Barbara, surname originally spelled "Koob"] (German, immigrant in childhood, naturalized American, factory worker, member and provincial superior of the Sisters of Saint Francis in New York, served lepers on Hawaiian island of Molokai for 35 years [2 years with St. Damien], died at age 80 in 1918 [beatified 2005, canonized 2012]) [commemorated by some on January 22]

     St. Martyrius of Valeria (Italian, hermit, martyred in 6th Century)

     St. Mary of Jesus Santocanale of Palermo [Maria di Gesù] [baptized Carolina] (Italian, virgin, founded Capuchin Sisters of the Immaculata of Lourdes, died at age 70 in 1923 [beatified 2016, canonized 2022])

     Bl. Nicholas Gross of Niederwenigern-an-der-Ruhr [Nikolaus] (German, layman, father, union activist, opponent of Nazis, martyred by hanging at age 46 in 1945 [beatified 2001])

     St. Ormond of Mairé (French, abbot, 6th Century)

     St. Parmenas (Israelite? one of the seven original deacons [Acts 6:5], martyred in Macedonia c. 98)

     Sts. Severian and Aquila (African, possibly husband and wife, early martyrs)


On January 24, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Francis de Sales of Thorens [François] (French, lawyer, spiritual director, missionary to Protestants, bishop of Geneva in Switzerland, prolific and outstanding writer of treatises and letters, co-founder of Order of the Visitation, Doctor of the Church, died at age 55 in 1622 [incorrupt] [beatified 1662, canonized 1665])

     St. Artemius
of Clermont (Roman? bishop in France, c. 400)

     Sts. Babylas, Urban, Prilidian, and Epolonius, of Antioch (Syrian, patriarch [bishop] and disciples, martyred c. 260)

     St. Bertrand of Saint-Quentin (French, missionary, Benedictine  abbot, 7th Century)

     St. Cadoc (Scottish, bishop, martyred c. 580)

     Bl. Cajetana Tolomeo of Catanzaro Sala [Gaetana] ["Nuccia" (Little One)] (Italian, virgin, suffered a progressive and deforming paralysis, spiritual advisor, died at age 60 in 1997 [beatified 2021])

     St. Exuperantius of Cingoli (African, bishop in Italy, 5th Century)

     Sts. Felician of Foligno and Messalina (Italian, bishop and virgin, tortured and martyred [Felician at age 94] in 254)

     Bl. Felix O'Dullany of Jerpoint  (Irish, Cistercian  monk, bishop of Ossory, d. 1202)

     St. Guasacht of Granard (Irish, disciple of St. Patrick, bishop, 4th Century)

     St. Macedonius Kritophagos ["kritophagos" means barley-eater] (Syrian, hermit, lived 40 years on barley and water, c. 430)

     Bl. Marcolino Amanni of Forli (Italian, Dominican  friar for 70 years, mystic, died at about age 80 in 1397 [beatified 1750])

     Sts. Mardonius, Musonius, Eugene, and Metellus (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], martyred by burning c. 305)

     Bl. Marie Poussepin of Dourdan (French, Dominican  nun, died at age 90 in 1744 [beatified 1994])

     Blessed Martyrs of Podlasie [also called "Martyrs of Pratulin"] (Polish, 13 laymen, Byzantine Catholics who resisted forced conversion to Russian Orthodoxy, martyred [shot] by Russian soldiers in 1874 [beatified 1996])
----- Bl. Anicletus
Hryciuk of Zaczopki [Anicet] (unmarried layman, died at about age 18)
----- Bl. Bartholomew
Osypiuk of Bohukaly [Bartlomiej] (married man, father of two, died at age 30)
----- Bl. Constantine
Bojko of Derlo [Konstanty] (married man, died at age 48)
----- Bl. Constantine
Lukaszuk of Zaczopki [Konstanty] (married man, died at age 45)
----- Bl. Daniel
Karmasz of Legi (married man, died at age 47)
----- Bl. Ignatius
Franczuk of Derlo [Ignacy] (married man, father of seven, died at about age 49)
----- Bl. John
Andrzejuk of Drelów [Jan] (married man, died at age 25)
----- Bl. Luke
Bojko of Zaczopki [Lukasz] (unmarried layman, died at age 21)
----- Bl. Maxim
Hawryluk of Bohukaly [Maksym] (married man, died at age 33)
----- Bl. Michael
Wawryszuk of Derlo [Michal] (married man, died at about age 20)
----- Bl. Onufry
Wasyluk of Zaczopki (died at about age 20)
----- Bl. Philip
Geryluk of Zaczopki [Filip] (married man, father, died at age 43)
----- Bl. Vincent
Lewoniuk of Krzyczew [Wincenty] (married man, died at age 24)

     Bl. Steven Grelewski of Dwikozy [Stefan] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Dachau [Germany] at age 41 in 1941 [beatified 1999])

     St. Suranus of Sora (Italian, abbot, c. 580)

     Sts. Thyrsus and Projectus (early martyrs)

     Bl. William Ireland of Lincolnshire [alias Iremonger] and Bl. John Grove (Irish and English, Jesuit  priest [about age 42] and his servant, martyred [drawn, hanged, quartered] in 1679 [beatified 1929])

     St. Xenia the Merciful and two companions (martyred in 450)

     St. Zama of Bologna (Italian, bishop, c. 268)

  [Snippets from the writings and letters of St. Francis de Sales:]

     "Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow. The same Everlasting Father, who takes care of you today, will take care of you tomorrow. He will either shield you from suffering, or give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations."


     "Nothing makes us so prosperous in this world as to give alms."

     "Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence. "

     "Oh, what remorse we shall feel at the end of our lives, when we look back upon the great number of instructions and examples afforded by God and the Saints for our perfection, and so carelessly received by us! If this end were to come to you today, how would you be pleased with the life you have led this year?"

     "We must fear God out of love, not love Him out of fear."

     "In the royal galley of divine Love, there is no galley slave: all rowers are volunteers."


     "There are many who say to the Lord, 'I give myself wholly to Thee, without any reserve,' but there are few who embrace the practice of this abandonment, which consists in receiving with a certain indifference every sort of event, as it happens in conformity with Divine Providence, as well afflictions as consolations, contempt and reproaches as honor and glory."

     "Our business is to love what God would have done. He wills our vocation as it is. Let us love that and not trifle away our time hankering after other people's vocations."

     "The highest degree of meekness consists in seeing, serving, honoring, and treating amiably, on occasion, those who are not to our taste, and who show themselves unfriendly, ungrateful, and troublesome to us."


     "To be pleased at correction and reproofs shows that one loves the virtues which are contrary to those faults for which he is corrected and reproved. And, therefore, it is a great sign of advancement in perfection.

     "Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them."

     "Consider all the past as nothing, and say, like David: Now I begin to love my God."



On January 25, we members of the Catholic Church family celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.  We also honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Ananias of Damascus (Syrian, healed blindness of Saul of Tarsus and baptized him [Acts 9:10-19], martyred in 1st Century)

     St. Apollo of Heliopolis (Egyptian, hermit, abbot, c. 395)

     St. Artemas of Pozzuoli (Italian, early martyr)

     St. Bretannion of Tomi (bishop in Eastern Europe, c. 380)

     Sts. Donatus, Sabinus, and Agape (early martyrs)

     St. Dwynwen of Anglesey (Welsh, princess, nun, c. 460)

     Bl. Emmanuel Domingo y Sol of Tortosa [Manuel] (Spanish, parish priest, founded Congregation of Diocesan Workers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, died at age 72 in 1909 [beatified 1987])

     St. Eochod of Galloway (Irish, missionary in Britain, d. 597)

     Bl. Francis Zirano of Sassari [Francesco] (Italian, Franciscan  priest in Algeria, martyred [flayed] by Moslems at about age 38 in 1603 [beatified 2014])

     St. Joel of Pulsano [Gioele] (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, d. 1185)

     Sts. Juventinus and Maximinus of Antioch (soldiers, martyred in Syria in 363)

     St. Poppo of Stavelot (Belgian, soldier, Benedictine  abbot in France, emperor's advisor, died at about age 69 in 1048)

     Sts. Praejectus of Clermont and Amarinus of Volvic (French ... bishop and Benedictine  abbot ... martyred by stabbing in 676)

     St. Publius of Zeugma (Roman? hermit, abbot in Syria, c. 380)

     St. Racho of Autun (French, bishop, c. 660)

     Bl. Teresa Michel of Spinetta Marengo [baptized Maria Antonia, nee Grillo Chavez] (Italian, widow, founded Daughters of Providence, died at age 88 in 1944 [beatified 1998])


On January 26, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     Sts. Timothy and Titus (disciples of St. Paul of Tarsus) [commemorated in Australia on January 23]

----- St. Timothy of Ephesus (Lycaonian [from what is now part of Turkey], assistant and spiritual "son" of St. Paul, bishop, martyred by stoning in 97)
----- St. Titus
of Gortyna (Cretan, disciple and secretary of St. Paul, bishop, c. 96)

     St. Alberic of Cîteaux [Aubrey] (French, hermit, Benedictine  prior, co-founder and first abbot of Cistercian order, c. 1108) [commemorated by some on August 26]

     St. Alphonsus of Astorga (Spanish, bishop, Benedictine  monk, 9th Century)

     St. Ansurius of Orense (Spanish, bishop, Benedictine  monk, d. 925)

     St. Athanasius of Sorrento (Italian, bishop)

     St. Augustine Erlandsson of Nidaros [Eystein] (Norwegian, king's chaplain, archbishop, died at about age 67 in 1188)

     Bl. Boleslawa Maria Lament of Lowicz (Polish, virgin, founded Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family, died at age 83 in 1946 [beatified 1991])

     St. Conan of Iona (Scottish or Irish, bishop of Isle of Man, c. 648)

     Bl. Gabriel Mary Allegra of San Giovanni la Punta [Gabriele Maria] [baptized/confirmed Giovanni Stefano (John Stephen)] (Italian, Franciscan  missionary priest in China, scripture scholar [first ever to translate entire Bible into Chinese], retreat master, died at age 68 in 1976 [beatified 2012])

     Bl. Michael Kozal of Ligota [Michal] (Polish, auxiliary bishop, arrested by Nazis, martyred [ill treatment] at Dachau camp in Germany at age 49 in 1943 [beatified 1987])

     St. Paula of Rome (Italian, noblewoman, mother of five (two saints), widow, disciple of St. Jerome, died at about age 56 in Bethlehem in 404)

     St. Theofrid of Corbie (French, Benedictine  abbot, bishop, c. 690)

     St. Theogenes and 36 companions, of Hippona (African, bishop and flock, martyred in 258)

     St. Tortgith of Barking (British, Benedictine  nun, visionary, c. 700)


On January 27, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Angela de' Merici of Desenzano (Italian, orphan, Franciscan  tertiary, visionary, foundress of Institute of St. Ursula [Ursuline Sisters], died at age 65 in 1540 [incorrupt] [beatified 1768, canonized 1807])

     St. Avitus (African, bishop in Canary Islands, martyred)

     St. Candida of Bañoles (Spanish, widow, c. 798)

     Sts. Datius, Julian, Vincent, and 27 companions (African, martyred by Arians in 5th or 6th Century)

     St. Devota of Macinaggio (Corsican, virgin, martyred [racked to death] c. 303)

     St. Emerius of Bañoles (Spanish, Benedictine  abbot, 8th Century)

     Bl. Gamelbert of Michaelsbuch (Bavarian, shepherd, parish priest for fifty years, died at about age 80 c. 800 [beatified 1909])

     Bl. George Matulaitis [or Matulewicz] of Lugin [Jerzy (Polish), Jurgis (Lithuanian)] (Lithuanian, orphaned peasant, priest in Poland, teacher in Russia, renewed Marian Order, founded Congregation of Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, founded Sisters Servants of Jesus in the Eucharist, archbishop in Lithuania, died at age 55 in 1927 [beatified 1987])

     St. Gilduin of Dol (French, priest, died at about age 25 in 1077)

     St. Henry de Osso y Cervello of Vinebre [Enrique] (Spanish, priest, teacher, founder of Institute of Josephine Sisters, founder of Missionary Congregation of St. Teresa [Teresians], died at age 55 in 1896 [beatified 1979, canonized 1993])

     Bl. John of Warneton [Jean] (French, bishop of Therouanne, d. 1130)

     Bl. John Schiavo of Sant'Urbano de Montecchio Maggiore [João] (Italian, priest of the Congregation of Saint Joseph, died in Brazil at age 63 in 1967 [beatified 2017])

     St. Julian of Sora (Dalmatian [from part of what is now Croatia], martyred by beheading in Italy c. 150)

     St. Julian of Rome (Italian, nobleman, bishop of Le Mans in France, hermit, martyred in 3rd Century)

     St. Lupus of Châlons (French, bishop, c. 610)

     Bl. Marius of Bodon (French, abbot, c. 555)

     Bl. Michael Pini of Florence [Michele] (Italian, Medici courtier, Camaldolese  priest, hermit, prophet, died at about age 77 in 1522)

     St. Natalis of Ulster (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

     Bl. Paul Joseph Nardini of Germersheim [Paul Josef] (German, diocesan priest, founded Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family [Mallersdorfers], died [pneumonia] at age 40 in 1862 [beatified 2006])

     St. Reatrus and companions (African, early martyrs)

     St. Theodoric of Orléans (French, Benedictine  monk, bishop, d. 1022)

     Pope St. Vitalian of Segni (Italian, elected to papacy in 657, reigned until death in 672)

 [From St. Angela:] "If any person, because of his state in life, cannot do without wealth and position, let him at least keep his heart empty of the love of them."



On January 28, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. Thomas Aquinas of Roccasecca [Tommaso d'Aquino] ["The Dumb Ox," "The Angelic Doctor"] (Italian, Dominican  priest, philosopher, theologian, Doctor of the Church, died at about age 48 in 1274)

     Holy Martyrs of Alexandria (Egyptian, members of flock of St. Athanasius, martyred by Arian heretics in 356)

     Bl. Amadeus of Chattes [Amédée] (French, son of Bl. Amadeus of Clermont, Cistercian  abbot, bishop of Lausanne, died at about age 49 in 1159 [beatified 1903])

     St. Antimus of Brantôme (French, Benedictine  abbot, 8th Century)

     Bl. Anthony Migliorati of Amandola [Antonio] (Italian, Augustinian  hermit, died at about age 95 in 1450 [beatified 1759])

     Bl. Bartholomew Aiutamicristo of Pisa [Bartolomeo] (Italian, Camaldolese  brother, constantly prayed "Help me, o Christ" [Aiuta mi, Cristo], hermit, d. 1224 [beatified 1857])

     St. Cannera of Inis Cathaig (Irish, hermitess, c. 530)

     Bl. Charlemagne (French, first Holy Roman emperor, died at age 71 in 814)

     St. Flavian of Civita Vecchia (Italian, public official, martyred c. 304)

     Bl. Giles of Lorenzana [Egidio] (Italian, farmhand, Franciscan  brother, hermit, died at about age 75 in 1518 [beatified 1880])

     St. Glastian of Kinglassie (Scottish, bishop of Fife, d. 830)

     St. James the Anchorite (Palestinian, hermit, lived in a sepulchre, 6th Century)

     Bl. James the Almsgiver of Citta delle Pieve [Giacomo] (Italian, priest, ran hospital, d. 1304 [beatified 1806])

     Sts. Jerome Lu Ting-Mei of Mo-Kou and Laurence Wang Bing of Gui-Yang (Chinese, catechists, tortured and martyred [beheaded] at ages 47 and 56 in 1858 [beatified 1909, canonized 2000])

     St. John of Réomé (French, hermit, abbot, died at about age 113 c. 544)

     St. John the Sage of Malmesbury (English, 11th Century)

     St. Joseph Freinademetz of Pedraces ["Joseph of Shantung"] (Austrian, priest, missionary of the Society of the Divine Word  in China, died at age 55 in 1908 [beatified 1975, canonized 2003])

     St. Julian of Burgos (Spanish, bishop of Cuenca, died at about age 81 in 1208)

     Bl. Julian Maunoir of Saint-Georges-de-Reitembault [Julien] ["Apostle to Brittany"] (French, Jesuit  priest, home missioner, died at age 76 in 1683 [beatified 1951])

     Sts. Leonidas and companions (Egyptian, martyred in 304)

     Bl. Mary of Pisa [Maria] [baptized Caterina (Catherine), nee Mancini] (Italian, noblewoman, widowed [as Maria Bonacini] at age 16, remarried, widowed [as Maria Spezzalaste] at age 24, mother of seven [six of whom died in childhood], Dominican  tertiary, prioress, died at about age 75 in 1431 [beatified 1855])

     Bl. Moses Tovini of Cividate Camuno [Mosè] (Italian, diocesan priest, seminary professor, avid teacher of catechism, died at age 52 in 1930 [beatified 2006])

     Bl. Odo of Beauvais (French, soldier, Benedictine  abbot, bishop, died at about age 79 in 880)

     St. Palladius of Antioch (Syrian, hermit, c. 390)

     St. Paulinus of Cividale (Italian, farmer, bishop of Aquileia, theologian, died at about age 77 in 804)

     St. Peter Nolasco of Mas-des-Saintes-Puelles [Pierre] (French, nobleman, co-founder of Order of Our Lady of Mercy [Mercedarians], died at age 76 in 1258 [canonized 1628])

     Bl. Peter Thomas of Breil [Pierre] (French, diplomat, Carmelite  priest, bishop in Italy, archbishop of Candia in Crete, Latin Patriarch [archbishop] of Constantinople, worked for Christian unity, died on Cyprus at about age 60 in 1366 [beatified 1608])

     St. Richard of Vaucelles (English, Cistercian  abbot in France, d. 1169)

     Bl. Richard the Sacristan of Dundrennan (English, Cistercian  monk, c. 1142)

     Sts. Thyrsus, Leucius, and Callinicus, of Apollonia (Phrygian [from what is now part of Turkey], martyred in 251)

  [From St. Thomas Aquinas:]

     "Believing is an act of the intellect assenting to the divine truth by command of the will moved by God through grace."

     "Most loving Lord, grant me a steadfast heart which no unworthy desire may drag downwards; an unconquered heart which no hardship may wear out; an upright heart which no worthless purpose may ensnare. Impart to me also,  O God, the understanding to know you, the diligence to seek you, a way of life to please you, and a faithfulness that may embrace you, through Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen."

     "Hence we must say that for the knowledge of any truth whatsoever man needs divine help, that the intellect may be moved by God to its act.  But he does not need a new light added to his natural light, in order to know the truth in all things, but only in some that surpasses his natural knowledge."



On January 29, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Aquilinus of Milan (Bavarian, itinerant preacher, martyred by an Arian's sword in Italy in 650)

     St. Blath of Kildare (Irish, nun, cook, d. 523)

     Bl. Bronislaw Markiewicz of Pruchnik (Polish, diocesan parish priest, Salesian, served hundreds of orphans, died [tuberculosis] at age 69 in 1912 [beatified 2005])

     St. Caesarius of Angoulême (French, deacon, 1st Century)

     Bl. Charles of Sayn (Belgian, soldier, Cistercian  abbot, d. 1212)

     St. Constantius and companions, of Perugia (Italian, bishop and flock, martyred in 170)

     St. Dallan Forghaill of Connaught (Irish, nobleman, bard, d. 598)

     St. Gildas the Wise of Rhuys (British, nobleman, historian, hermit, abbot, died in France at about age 54 c. 570)

     Sts. Papias and Maurus of Rome (Italian, soldiers, martyred c. 303)

     St. Sabinian of Troyes (Greek, missionary, martyred by beheading in France c. 275)

     Sts. Sarbellius and Barbea of Edessa (Mesopotamian, converted pagan priest and his sister, tortured and martyred in 101)

     St. Sulpicius of Rome (Italian, widower, bishop of Bourges in France, d. 591)

     St. Triphina of Brittany (French, widow, 6th Century)

     St. Valerius of Trier (French, bishop, c. 320)

     Bl. Villana of Botti (Italian, wife, Dominican  tertiary, visionary, died at about age 28 in 1361 [beatified 1824])

     St. Voloc (Irish, missionary bishop in Scotland, c. 724)


On January 30, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:



     St. Adelelmus of Laudun (French, manservant, soldier, Benedictine  abbot, c. 1100)

     St. Agrippinus of Alexandria (Egyptian, bishop, c. 180)

     St. Aldegundis of Maubeuge (French, daughter of two saints, sister of another, Benedictine  abbess, died at about age 50 in 684)

     St. Alexander (elderly man, martyred by crucifixion in 3rd Century)

     Bl. Amnichad of Fulda (Irish or Scottish, Benedictine  monk in Germany, hermit, d. 1043)

     St. Armentarius of Antibes (French, bishop, c. 450)

     St. Armentarius of Pavia (Italian, bishop, c. 711)

     St. Barses of Edessa (Syrian, bishop, died in Egypt c. 379)

     St. Barsimaeus of Edessa (Syrian, bishop, martyred c. 114)

     St. Bathildis of Chelles (British, queen of France, mother of three kings, widow, Benedictine, d. 680)

     Sts. Felician, Philippian, and 124 companions (African, early martyrs)

     Bl. Haberilla of Mehrerau (Swiss, nun, c. 1100)

     St. Hippolytus of Antioch (Syrian, martyred c. 250)

     St. Hyacinth Mariscotti of Vignorello [Giacinta] [baptized Clarice] (Italian, noblewoman, Franciscan  sister, died at about age 55 in 1640 [beatified 1726, canonized 1807])

     St. Martina of Rome (Italian, virgin, martyred in 228)

     Bl. Mary Bolognesi of Bosaro [Maria] (Italian, illegitimate and impoverished child, laywoman devoted to service of poor and sick, mystic, died at age 55 in 1980 [beatified 2013])

     St. Mucian Mary Wiaux of Mellet [Mutien-Marie] [baptized Louis] ["The Praying Brother"] (Belgian, member of Christian Brothers, elementary school teacher, died at age 75 in 1917 [beatified 1977, canonized 1989])

     St. Savina of Milan (Italian, matron, d. 311)

     Bl. Sebastian Valfrè of Verduno [Sebastiano] (Italian, Oratorian  priest, spiritual director, died at age 80 in 1710 [beatified 1834])

     Bl. Sigmund Pisarski of Krasnystaw [Zygmunt] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Gdeszyn [Poland] at age 40 in 1943 [beatified 1999])

     St. Tudy (Welsh, virgin, 5th Century)


On January 31, we members of the Catholic Church family honor, in a special way, the following friends of God -- "saints" and "blesseds" whose souls are now in heaven:


     St. John Bosco of Becchi [Giovanni Melchiore (John Melchior)] [often called "Don Bosco"] (Italian, priest, teacher of boys, founder of Society of Salesians, founder of the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians, died at age 72 in 1888 [beatified 1929, canonized 1934])

     St. Adamnan
of Coldingham (Irish, Benedictine  monk, c. 680 [beatified 1898])

     St. Aidan of Connaught (Irish, bishop of Ferns, miracle worker, died at about age 81 in 632) [On Irish "particular calendar" on January 30]

     St. Athanasius of Catania (Sicilian, Basilian  monk in Greece, bishop of Modon, c. 885)

     St. Bobinus of Aquitaine (French, Benedictine  monk, bishop of Troyes, c. 766)


     Bl. Candelaria of St. Joseph Paz Castillo Ramírez of Altagracia de Orituco [Candelaria de San José] [baptized Susana] (Venezuelan, foundress of Third Order of Regular Carmelites [now called Venezuelan Carmelite Sisters], cared for the sick, died at  age 76 in 1940 [beatified 2008])

     Sts. Cyrus and John of Alexandria (Egyptian, physicians, tortured and martyred by beheading c. 303)

     St. Eusebius of Saint Gall (Irish, Benedictine  monk in Switzerland, hermit, martyred by a farmer's scythe in 884)

     St. Francis Xavier Bianchi of Arpino [Francesco Saverio] (Italian, Barnabite  priest, college president, miracle worker, died at age 71 in 1815 [beatified 1893, canonized 1951])

     St. Geminian of Modena (Italian, bishop, d. 348)

     Bl. John Angelus of Venice [Giovanni] (Italian, Benedictine  monk, c. 1050)

     St. Julius of Novara (Italian, priest, c. 390)

     Bl. Louis Talamoni of Monza [Luigi] (Italian, diocesan priest, founded Congregation of the Merciful Sisters of St. Gerard [Misericordines], died at age 77 in 1926 [beatified 2004])

     Bl. Louise Albertoni of Rome [Luisa] (Italian, mother of three, widow, Franciscan  tertiary, died at about age 59 in 1533 [beatified 1671])

     St. Madoes (Scottish?)

     St. Marcella of Rome (Italian, noblewoman, widow, disciple of St. Jerome, died at about age 85 in 410)

     St. Martin Manuel of Auranca (Portuguese, priest, martyred by Moslems in Spain in 1156)

     Bl. Mary Christine Caroline Josephine Cajetana Elise of Cagliari [Maria Cristina Carolina Giuseppina Gaetana Elisa] [also known as Maria Cristina di Savoia] (Sardinian/Austrian, renowned for virtues, married king of the Two Sicilies, died at age 23 [just after childbirth] in 1836 [beatified 2014])

     St. Metranus of Alexandria (Egyptian, martyred c. 250)

     St. Nicetas of Kiev (Ukrainian, monk, bishop of Novgorod, d. 1107)

     Bl. Paula Costa of Brescia [Paola] [nee Gambara] (Italian, married woman, Franciscan  tertiary, died at age 51 in 1515 [beatified 1845])

     Sts. Saturninus, Thyrsus, and Victor, of Alexandria (Egyptian, martyred c. 250)

     Sts. Tarcisius, Zoticus, Cyriacus, and companions, of Alexandria (Egyptian, early martyrs)

     St. Tryphaena of Cyzicus (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], married woman, tortured and martyred [gored by savage bull])

     St. Ulphia of Amiens (French, hermitess, nun, d. 995?)

 [From St. John Bosco to his youthful companions:]

      "Fly from bad companions as from the bite of a poisonous snake. If you keep good companions, I can assure you that you will one day rejoice with the blessed in Heaven; whereas if you keep with those who are bad, you will become bad yourself, and you will be in danger of losing your soul."

     "Enjoy yourself as much as you like -- if only you keep from sin."

     "Do you want our Lord to give you many graces? Visit him often. Do you want him to give you few graces? Visit him seldom. Visits to the Blessed Sacrament are powerful and indispensable means of overcoming the attacks of the devil. Make frequent visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the devil will be powerless against you."


 [From St. John Bosco to his fellow Salesians:]

     "See that no one finds you motivated by impetuosity or willfulness. It is difficult to keep calm when administering punishment, but this must be done if we are to keep ourselves from showing off our authority or spilling out our anger. Let us regard those boys over whom we have some authority as our own sons. Let us place ourselves in their service. Let us be ashamed to assume an attitude of superiority. Let us not rule over them except for the purpose of serving them better. This was the method that Jesus used with the apostles. He put up with their ignorance and roughness and even their infidelity. He treated sinners with a kindness and affection that caused some to be shocked, others to be scandalized and still others to hope for God's mercy. And so he bade us to be gentle and humble of heart."


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